What Guys Like in Girls: 6 Things You Must Know


What guys like in girls is a question many women ask. Guys have different likes, wants, and preferences but there are traits that will draw them to a girl.

There are several times you have hear people ask how a guy settled for a given girl though they did not seem to be “their type” as many were expecting.

Some key specific factors that you need to address that guys generally like. It is not rocket science and it does not require that you spend a lot of money. The following are what guys like in girls that you can work on.

6 things guys like in girls


1) The way you smell

This may sound awkward but you can be sure that the way you smell is a great turn on or turn off for a guy. It is therefore, important that you invest in a nice scented perfume as well as soap. It starts right from the soap you use, to the hair shampoo, and the roll-on/ deodorant you use.

All this should be able to blend in together and not clash and provide a strong smell that is confusing. However, this does not mean that you must purchase of these items. Sometimes, just a mild scented soap will do just fine. The key is to turn heads just because you smell good.

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2) The way you laugh

The way you laugh goes hand in hand with the smile you wear. It is amazing the amount of attention you can draw just with a smile. Laughing is also a sign that you are a fun and active girl and guys love to hang around a fun girl.

In addition, you are also warm and welcoming. While it is not encouraged that you hold back, it is also important that you avoid laughing like it is just a grin. This seems like there is something you are holding back.

Be happy and do not hold it. Just do not pretend to be laughing just to get attention as one can easily notice a lie.

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3) Your physical appearance and dressing

Looks do not lie and one of the very first thing guys will love is the way you look. This is also the very first thing they will also notice.

Not just a pretty face notes your physical appearance but also by other factors such as how you wear your hair or your choice of hair do, your shoes, as well as your clothing.

It does not have to be expensive but it has to fit right. In addition, it has to be in respect to the circumstance. No one likes the show it off or the attention seeker. In this, it is very important that you observe the surrounding before pulling a crazy stunt.

The guys may but you need to be sure of what it is all about. It as to be for the right reasons. Otherwise, you will be the topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons.

4) Sense of humor

Guys love women who have a sense of humor and it is also important that they understand what the other person is all about. Will able to laugh and giggle with a girl is a turn off.

It feels like you get him and he has no reason to back out from hanging around you. A great sense of humor.

5) Confident and adventurous

A confident girl is strong and outgoing. This is the girl that is not afraid of trying something new. She is always looking to try out something she has not before. This trait contributes towards indicating her adventurous trait.

Adventure does not mean that she has to jump off a cliff. A preserved girl is difficult to approach and she will be rejecting suggestions on what one can try. A confident women shows it in her walking as well as in the way she carries herself.

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6) Encouraging

Guys love it when a girl believes in them. The one way of showing that the believe in them is by encouraging them to keep going rather than kill their dreams and stop working towards it.

When a guy is able to rely on you for encouragement, you are on the right track. It is important to note that when encouraging a guy, you need to be realistic.

When a guy realizes that you are only doing it without looking at his best interest, you are more likely to be branded a fake as you are only doing it because you think it is a necessity.

What guys like in girls: Factors To Look Into

There are several factors to consider of what guys like in girls and if you were to factor in all the different aspects you will hear, this list is bound to go on and on. The above aspects are those that apply to all guys of which girls should consider.

It is important that you apply them not just for the guy you fancy but it also completes you as a person. This is because you do not feel like you are being rejected.