What men want in a woman-8 Crucial factors you Must Know


Women are constantly questioning about what men want in a woman. There is definitely much more to looks and beauty.

While every woman thinks that beauty and a perfect body is the solution to attracting and retaining a man, this is not entirely true.

It may attract him but it will definitely not be the reason to keep him around you in the long-term. If you are looking to find what men look for in women.

The following will definitely provide a worthwhile guide to help you point out more important things that men look for in women.

6 Important Things Men Want In A Woman


1) Strength and confidence

It is important for a woman to know what she wants and works towards it. A woman who has this attribute is keen to support their men. This attracts men knowing that they can also count on you for support.

A confident woman brings out the best in every man and you can be sure that this attribute will be easily noticeable. A strong and confident woman is definitely desirable to a man. The confidence indicates that a woman is comfortable with whom she is. It is easier to get attracted to someone who already has it going on for herself.

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2) Intelligence

Every man looking for a woman that will eventually be his will definitely love an intelligent woman. It is a turn on for a man who knows his woman is smart. It is a challenge but is positive impacts a man’s life.

Many women think that acting damn and making your man think that he is the smartest is the right idea. On the contrary, men do not want women they have to tell everything.

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3) Clear communication

You must have heard that men are not very good with communication or with getting hints. In this, they need a woman who is not only clear about what she wants but is also good at communicating her desires.

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Interpreting what a woman means can be hectic and lead to frustration. Through communicating, he is sure of what to do to make you happy. As a clear communicator, you also build his confidence.

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4) Sensuality

While your beauty can be described miles away, your sensuality requires more effort for you to bring it out. While you may feel comfortable in your pajamas or sweatpants, this is not enough to get your sexiness out there. Go the extra effort and make yourself sexy rather than letting go of your body. Bringing this out for your man makes him feel like he compliments you.

5) Respect and admire your man

A man knows that he is a man but a woman who makes him feel like “the” man has it going on. Respecting and admiring a man makes him appreciate himself and know that he is the greatest there is.

Men do not want a woman who is trying to be controlling. This is a turn off that will lose all the men attracted to you fast. If you can eliminate being bossy and controlling, and embrace desire, you will definitely have him hooked.

6) A supportive woman

Every man even those who believe are the strongest need the support of a woman. While they stand tall in public, they would like to come home to a warm and welcoming woman who is supportive and will stand by him n matter what. He needs to know that he has a woman by his side. However, it is important to note that being supportive is not about telling him what to do and how to do it.

7) Honesty and openness

A man needs a trustworthy woman around him. One lie can dent your relationship with your man forever. When a woman’s character starts to be questionable because of a lie, even one you would consider petty would question the entire reason as to why you are with your man right from the start. Honesty and openness is a key aspect to building a strong foundation that will draw your man’s foundation.

8) A Non-clingy woman/ Independence

Every man wants a woman who will spend time with him but also allow him his independence so he can hang out with his friends. Making him choose between you and his friends will only draw him away from you. In addition, do not constantly call his phone for no reason or you trying to keep track of his whereabouts. This is a killer and no man wants this kind of a woman.

What do men want in a woman

The above things are what men want in a woman and also what men want in a woman other than a woman’s looks. Your looks may attract the man of your dreams but that will not be enough to keep him as your man. If you are looking to keep your man while at the same time ensuring that he treats you like an angel, the above traits will help you.