What To Say To Get Your Ex Back ?

what to say to get your ex back

What to say to get your ex back is a question that often ask by so many after a break up especially when the other person is stuck on words to say to get their ex back. Nervousness comes along because you are scared of rejection. The only way to deal with being rejected is to tell yourself that this is not about you.

what to say to get your ex back

If your ex does not want you back, then what you say in order to get them back will have no effect. The bottom line here is that you won’t succeed if your ex is not interested.So what to say to get your ex back depends on the circumstances of your breakup. If you broke up with your ex, then perhaps you can go with something like: “I made a terrible mistake and I want to work things out.” or “I love you and I believe you are the love of my life, so let’s get back together and be happy.”If your ex says no and rejects your offer, then tell them you are happy to remain friends and move on with your life.

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If your ex was the one who broke up with you, then you might want to go with something like: “I think we made a mistake breaking up, I would like to give things another go.” or you could try; “I miss you so much and I still love you, I think we should try to work things out.” If your ex agrees, then you need to move onto discussing what went wrong and how to fix it. Your ex could also say he or she is not interested in working things out. Again, you need to be prepared to let them go and move forward with your life.


Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex

Do not attempt to get back together with your ex if he or she are seeing someone. This is a waste of your time, if they have moved on with someone else, then it is over and you need to accept that.You will know if your ex might be open by the way he or she acts, so pay attention to the way they interact with you. Remember to pay attention to what your ex does not what they say. We find out who someone is through their actions. After you have met up for coffee or lunch a few times, it is time to broach the question.


You should not wait too long and there is no time to waste, the longer you leave it the harder it will be to say what you need to say, so push those feelings down, bite the bullet and go after what you want. If you never try then you will never know and you might live to regret this. If your ex is the one, when you tell them you want to work things out, it is highly likely that they will take you back.

Whatever you do, do not use manipulation tactics or emotional blackmail. Chances are that your ex will cotton on to this, in fact it is a pretty safe bet. Manipulating your ex is not fighting fair, be honest, tell your ex what you feel and be clear with them about what you want and what you believe went wrong in your relationship. Using any kind of emotional blackmail to win them over is foolish, you really do not want your ex to come back because he or she feels guilty.


What to say to get your ex back really depends on the circumstances of your breakup, you cannot base a relationship on guilt or lies, so be prepared to be as honest as you can. Whether this works out for you or not, this will be learning experience for you.The worst case scenario would be if they never wanted to see you again. however if your relationship is strong, there is every chance you will remain friends at the very least.

So if you really want this, go for it. Call up your ex and make plans to see him or her. Pay attention to their body language and how they treat you, this will tell you whether you should try to get back together or not.If you are not sure and your ex is sending mixed signals, you will have to just take a leap of faith and tell them what you are feeling. Don’t chicken out, fight for your relationship if he or she is the one for you.

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