When mingling, you are likely to meet a girl that will grab your fancy. Approaching and saying hello can be the easiest part of the conversation. What to talk about with a girl can be a challenge if you are not prepared. When you decide to approach a girl, it is important that you have identified things to talk about with a girl.

The manners in which you behave and the manner in which you approach the girl will help you know where your conversation will start and how you are going to take it through the rest of the evening or through the date. The following pointers will help you identify things to talk with a girl and how to talk to girls will be an easier process.

9 Things to talk about with a girl that you like

Girls are different and they have different interests, there are some topics that will get the conversation going on and on. The following are things you can point out.

Individual likes and dislikes

individual likes and dislikes

This is a favorite topic of discussion, as it does not directly point out what to talk about. It is a topic that will let her drive the conversation. As simple as asking about her likes and dislikes, you will be amazed at how many topics will be introduced thanks to listening to her likes and dislikes.

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Depending on the answers she provides, you can also contribute depending on whether you have similar likes or dislikes. Even when you are in disagreement with what she has to say, you can still make a request on better understanding why her perspective is as it is. If you want a confidence boost, check out our guide on the easy to see signs to look for when a girl likes you.

All you have to do is prevent an argument to keep the conversation going. Inquire more rather than oppose everything she says. It is better to be on the same page during a conversation than constantly oppose what she has to say. This will take tolerance as people may not be on the same page. However, it will help to know the compatibility levels between you and the girl.

Favorite movies

what is her favorite movie

Movies and other sources of entertainment is a topic that cannot go wrong. Everyone has favorite topics that you can talk about. In many cases, asking after a movie will go as far as talking about the movie. This will buy you more than half an hour on the very same movie especially if you know what the movie is all about. This will bring the two of you closer. There are either funny moments that the two of you cannot stop laughing about or the movie will have a point of concern for both of you. You will get to acknowledge the points of admission for both of you.

To keep the conversation going, you need to move past simply naming a movie and getting over and done with. Find out more about the movie if it is one that you have not heard of or watched. It will get you a bonus, as she will like the aspect that you are trying to find out what she likes. Girls love to attract attention and allowing her to get to talk about what she prefers.

Favorite music

what is her favorite music

Music is a wide topic that will capture the attention of right about anyone. Whether it is gospel or secular music, music lovers are all over the world. It is not exactly necessary to find out her favorite song but her favorite genre of music. This way, you will be able to broaden the topic of discussion. Music is fun and there is no way you can go wrong. Even when you do not have the same music preferences, it is easy to happily express your joy.

More importantly, you will always be aware of songs you also do not take as your first preferences. In his, at the mention of a specific genre, you will still be able to mention a song, two, or even more in the genre. This topic will keep the conversation going for quite a while. A motivator for this topic is that no matter where you meet, you will be able to hear some music. Whether it is a restaurant or a club at night, this is the best way to keep the topic active.

Talk about workplace or school

talk about her workplace

Depending on factors such as age, you will find that the girl you fancy either is in college or has a job. Women love men who listen to their day-to-day activities. Asking about what she does or what she studies is a bonus for you. You will also get to chip on what you know or ask after something you do not understand in her field of expertise.

This is a topic that indicates her added advantage unless you are in the same field. Even at it, if you are working and she is in school, you may find out that you were in the same school. This helps bring back memories and you can keep chatting for quite a while.

What to talk about with a girl can be very easy when you choose to talk about her current situation. These two situations are a definite way of engaging in a conversation. Just be sure not to mention something negative that is directed to her personally.

Talk about motivating moments for her

ask her about a motivating moment

In everyone’s life, there are motivating moments in life. Mention one of your own and then make an inquiry on hers. You will be amazed at what you will learn about people’s motivation. The things that motivate people are rather unique and while you will be forced to ask why these specific things motivate them, the history will definitely capture your attention.

It is not only captivating but also intriguing. To keep the conversation going, you can encourage her further and make her feel special. There is nothing as good as motivating and allowing individuals to live their dream. They will practically go on and on about why the moments that have been best as well as bad but came out as eye openers. In an effort to make the conversation last, avoid getting into her personal affairs especially if it is your first time getting into a conversation with her.

Fun moments

ask about a fun moment

If you are looking at what to talk to about with a girl, you can introduce a few fun moments of your own and direct the same point in her direction. Fun moments will always lighten anyone’s mood. This involves talking about fun times that have happened and will always leave a positive mark. This will guarantee you a smile on her face. Getting to trigger some fun moments will also help you to identify activities you can per taking a while with her.

In an effort to keep the conversation going, avoid touching on her personal life. This is more especially when it is your first time meeting. As long as you are nodding in agreement and laughing about what is funny, the conversation may be short but the time spent on the topic will be much longer. This is because the laughter and quick chip in points will add to the time frame.

Ask about owning a pet

ask if she owns a pet

While women may have a number of animals that they are afraid of, there are those that they love. In this, you can ask after pets. This topic offers a wide perspective. Whether or not she has a pet, she will provide a response that will build up a topic of conversation. If she has a pet, she will have the chance of saying how pretty or talent it is. Alternatively, they may not have a pet but wish they had one.

In this, you will get to understand why she is not in a position to keep one around at the moment. If she does not, she will take her time to tell you why she does not fancy pets. Be keen to ensure that no matter what she says, you do not translate it to criticizing her decision. Try to be the understanding person. Try not to scare her or make her feel that she is not right to make her decision. If you cannot agree with what she says, make it simple and change the topic.

Best vacation destinations

ask about her favorite vacation destination

This is a topic that cannot go wrong even if the destinations for you and her differ greatly. This is because you will all be able to express yourselves. It is also informative and educative. No matter what she says, it is a dream that she is working towards achieving it. Probability is that you are more likely to notice similarities rather than differences. While the destinations may be different, you will find that the reasons why each of you is seeking to make a visit to their specific vacation destinations are similar. Get your fancy and narrow down the reasons for your ideal destinations.

As long as this conversation is narrowed down to what makes each of you happy, you will realize that have dreams that are fascinating to one another. Vacations mean less business and more play. T is therefore bound to be a fun topic on what to talk about with a girl. In addition, girls tend to have additional tips on travel and vacations.

Memorable moments

Everyone has memorable moments that will never leave his or her minds. She will direct the conversation towards a given direction that will be appealing. They give her a comfort zone to work with while they narrate it all to you. You will each get to chip in and you do not have to take her out to any noisy places/ venues to get this conversation going. It gets relaxing and both parties get to spend more time together as mature people out to get to know each other.

Don’t get too personal

If it is your first conversation, do not get personal. As you progress and get to know each other better, you can introduce more personal aspects. However, in every conversation, allow her to tell you the much she wants and do not push her into telling more than she wants. These are memorable moments for her and she will reveal them to the much she wants at the moment.

The above are things to talk about with a girl whether it is the first time you met or you have gone out on a few dates. They are mostly open topics that right about anyone can relate to. Whichever topics you choose to work with, it is important that you do not attract negativity.

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The key is to have a fun time and get to know the direction to take in the event you plan on meeting again. With the above ideas, you will be able to talk for hours on end and have fun.

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