What To Text a Girl You Like-17 Things You Must Know


What to text a girl you like can sometimes be hard to find. You have spotted a girl you like and have managed to get her cell number. You are probably starring at the skies wondering what to text that girl you like ? if it is okay to text her and if you have the right words to use. The objective is to make her like you as much as you like her.

One of the key aspects that you need to take into account is the timing. If you are looking to impress her, timing is probably the key aspect that will help you meet your objective. The male sex will fall for a girl just by mere sight as long as she is attractive. However, the female sex makes it rather a challenge as their feelings tend to attach them to a guy and not just their eyesight.

In some given circumstances, it may be easier to know what to text a girl and impress her rather than arrange for dates and frequent buying of gifts. All you need do is learn the right way to text her and with the right timing, she will fancy you in just a few days. The timing works in two ways, one is when to text her and the other is allowing her time to indicate her reciprocation.

17 things to know before you text a girl


1) Opt to text in the night

Evenings allow you and her sometimes after a hard day. You can start texting her in the evening and try to keep the conversation going till late in the night if it is okay by her. The objective is to get her to like you and not push her to the edge. If she is not comfortable with late-night texting, it may not be a good sign but try and get into her goods books first. Quiet nights tend to draw her attention and add a touch of romance to it.

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2) Choose the right time to text that girl

What to text a girl needs to be fun and simple. Girls get excited when they receive texts but it needs to be at the right time. Avoid times when she might be hanging out with friends or if she is a student, avoid times you may think she is having group discussions. Ensure that the time you pick is when she will divert her attention to you. Do not interrupt her. You want her to keep you in mind and not try to get rid of you.

3) Be specific with the time to text her

Texting through the day and through the night is not the ideal way of how to text her. After monitoring her day’s activities, you will be able to identify when she can text you back too. The objective is to obtain a conversation and not a self-directed discussion. You may opt to text her every day at the very same time. Sometimes, when the time comes and you do not get, the impact is that she will feel that something is amiss. This is similar to creating you and her time.

4) Keep it short and simple

The strategy is to ensure that you do not get on her nerve while at the same keep the conversation going for as long as possible. Also, keeping the texts short and simple prevents you from saying the wrong thing. Long texts also take to respond and you need to be fast about it as it keeps the excitement going. This allows both of you to open up at your own pace.

5) A first-time text tip

The very first time you text her, make sure it is a very short text. As a first time text, the probability is that you are only trying to get attention and nothing much is at stake. Nothing can possibly go wrong with a one-word text such as “hey” just to get her attention. The very first texts should be casual, short and simple, find good things to say to your girlfriend.

6) The first text of the conversation should be short

Start any conversation with a short text. After a number of texting days, you probably do not need a reason to talk anymore. All you are trying to do is show her that you simply want to talk. Make it warm and exciting. First impressions mean a lot and they will determine the response.

7) Create an interest in her day-to-day life

Ask after her life and make sure that you have an interest in what is going on in her life. Be attentive and address every issue as a caring man. This aims at finding out much more about her and you will be able to point out what she likes and dislikes. This is a plus in the long-term. Simply ask, “How was your day?” and you will be grateful you did.

8) Use a pet name

Pet names allow for a more personalized approach that is also unique. This acts as a way of bringing both of you closer. In this, every time she will hear of the pet name, she will definitely have a smile on her face.

9) Avoid flirting every time of the conversation

Expand your horizon and avoid constant flirting. It may start as a source of excitement but it becomes a bore with time. Once you bore her and it becomes an every moment point of discussion, she may avoid texting you back. Ask after her day and the activities that are going on. These diversifications keep the conversations alive and different. In addition, you have so much to talk about that the conversation can go on for hours on end.

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10) Flirt when the opportunity avails itself

During conversations be keen to identify opportunities when you can flirt with her. Once she points out an activity that she is good at, take that as a reason to flirt in favor of her. Make positive comments about it and even exaggerate a little on it. This always ticks girls and gets them all excited.

11) Create memories for the two of you

One of the most lasting impressions is when you can share some memories. You do not have to be face to face to create lasting memories. This will create a better and lasting bond between the two of you. Talk about all your favorite items and preferences and for those that you share, they come back as reasons to keep talking. Even when you are not texting, these memories will keep her waiting for the next session you chat.

12) Get naughty from time to time

As you get started, it is advisable that you maintain your cool so as to learn more about what she prefers and dislikes. In this, you will be able to tell when to talk dirty or when to keep it funny and raise her hopes high. In an attempt to check if she is up to talking naughty, simply send a text wishing that you were right next to her. Her response will definitely contribute greatly to the route the conversation takes.

13) Use Emoticons

Sometimes, words are not the exact route to take. A simple expression with a smile is all you need to get a conversation started or going. A happy face is all you need to send her. Sometimes you could send kisses her way and her response will let you know what next. If she becomes protective, make it sound like a joke and wait for the next available time that is more accommodating for both of you.

14) Text dirty when possible

What to text a girl can become easy for once you know what to write. Keep in mind that this should never be a part of the first text messages you send her as you will create the wrong impression on her. It could kill all the chances you have of knowing her better. With time, you can get dirty once you get to know her better.

You will also be able to understand and identify the best time to raise dirty topics. Do not make it about yourself all the time. You will be shocked by some of the dirty responses you will hear from her if she is interested in you. Also, give her space and allowance to air her opinions. If you notice she is dodging the topic, do not push her.

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15) Get her mushy before completing any conversations

At this point, you can pay her a compliment on her features or achievements. Find something she loves and makes the best of it. Just make sure that you do not have to make it about her physical features all the time or it will appear sexual. Compliment her laughter or the way she dresses. “I love the way you giggle” or “Your outfit was amazing today” the list is endless.

16) Always find something nice to say

Girls love this at any time. However, it is important that you remain somewhat realistic. Talk about full lips when she can obviously tell she has thin lips. While you are trying to make her feel special, make sure that it is her you are talking about and not some imaginary female. In this, you need to be very picky when choosing pick-up lines on your girl.

17) Using the second or third person

This is a tip that always gets a conversation going and retains the excitement. While it is obvious that you are talking about the two of you, using the second person or third person is more attractive and people feel more open to keeping texting. For example, “Someone should know that she is missed because she is amazing and beautiful.” it is more fun to know that it is her you are talking about but feels like you are more of friends. It feels like reading a novel about the two of you to each other.

How to text girls – video tips

Texting a girl you like can be rather a simplified process if you can get to know her just a little better, you will know what to text to her. Once you get started, there is no turning back. It is advisable that you start it simple and casual so you do not spook her out and after getting her warmed up, you can pick things up and take them a notch higher. The key is to get the right timing.

How to text girls may sound like a difficult thing but it is evident that all you need is to trust your gut feeling and show more confidence. A conversation can start with a simple “Hey” and you will be shocked that this simple greeting can develop into hours of texting.