When you are dating a person you care about, you might be thinking of making things official between the two of you. When you are in the first week of your dating, you are surrounded by a lot of emotions and feelings that make you blind. You might also be fascinated about your lives together as a couple and the things you are going to do in the future.

Planning of turning your dating into a long-lasting and committed relationship is a great thing. But before you update your Facebook status, you need to think in which direction your relationship is going. It is vital to keep your emotions aside and think; about how well you understand each other.

There is no fixed time to make your relationship official. There is also no fixed number of dates, after which you should make your relationship official. Some relationships become official after just a single date, while others can take months before deciding to live as a couple. Keeping things simple and having trust in each other play an important role. It creates a strong bond that connects you deeply.

Communication is the most important thing

When you are thinking of making your relationship official paying attention to the verbal clues can help you understand their relationship timelines. Communication plays a key role, and it can be a simple way to learn a lot about your partner. Paying close attention to the words and actions of your partner when you are spending time together can give you a clue whether they also want the same thing.

Do we share common interests?

Sharing common interests is essential. No matter if she or he is cute and attractive if you both do not have a common interest, it is not going to work. You might think it is ok and I will compromise but that could be a big mistake. Sooner or later you will get bored with your partner who doesn’t love doing things you like. 

What about similar values

Just like common interests, shared values are also important. If you want the relationship to last long, then both of you must share similar values. It could be anything like caring for animals, protecting nature, standing for the right things, etc.

Talking about relationship

When you are thinking of a relationship, it is a good idea to talk about it with your partner indirectly. You can ask questions like what that person wants in a relationship and things like that. If they answer excitedly and tell you everything about their needs and wants, it can be a great clue.

This simply means they are also interested in exclusivity. On the other hand, if this person says he doesn’t know what he wants. It means he or she is still trying to recover from the previous relationship and doesn’t want to make things official now.

You both have to be equally committed

Commitment shouldn’t be one-sided if you want to have a strong and lasting relationship. You need to understand that life keeps on changing, and things will be different in the future. Your partner should be someone who stands hand in hand with you, no matter what comes your way.

Trusting each other

Trust is the most important pillar for a successful relationship. You must have complete trust and faith in your partner. Always try to keep things simple and talk about your needs and wants without hesitation. This will create a strong bond that will last for years to come

How he or she treats you?

If you are thinking of the number of dates before making a relationship official, you must open your eyes and look closely at the behavior of this person. Look how this person treats you and decide whether you really want that exclusivity tag.

If you are sharing your feeling and thoughts, spends most of your time texting each other, spending weekends together, and deciding your future plans. This means it is the right time to make your relationship official.

Planning your future together

When you are dating, see if that person talks about his future, and you are a part of it. If he talks about introducing you to his friends and family, about a trip together, etc., it is a clear sign he is also interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

Do you connect on a deeper level?

If you are with someone who cares about your likes and dislikes, makes you laugh, never argue with you, and understand your wants, then he is surely the right person for you. Connecting on a deeper level is an essential part of relationships. If you both understand each other and make the other smile, then it is the right time to make it official.

These are some essential things you need to know when it comes to taking your dating to the next level. Relationships stand on the pillars of trust and understanding, and you should never rush things.

Sometimes things are not happening just according to our plans, and it hurts us too much. We just scattered into pieces at that time and cursed ourselves for failed relationships. But at that time you must not lose your hope and confidence, instead of crying we must check out the available options.

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