How to Tell If Someone Likes you -12 Ways to Really Find Out


Many times, many have the fear of rejection when it comes to individual attractions. In this, many want to at least have reason to believe that the person they like may also feel the same. How to tell if someone likes you rather than go on a wild goose chase and end up embarrassing yourself, you can get started by looking at some signs that will guide you.

Though it can be confusing, it is advisable that you look for a number of signs just so you can increase your chances of knowing how to tell if someone likes you. If you are looking to find out how to know if someone likes you, observe the following signs.

How to know if someone likes you – 12 Ways to find out


1) They look at you and not a given body part / they cannot take their eyes off you

There are body features people tend to be attracted to rather than you as a person. Men may stare at a females butt or breasts or women may stare at a man’s carbs. This is not to mean that someone likes you. Someone who looks at you and tries to steal glances from time to time may like you.

This idea also reflects on how they look at you. Do not mistake a stare towards something to be a stare to indicate someone likes you. When someone stares at you and seems to be fantasizing, this is a good sign indicating that they like you. This body language contributes greatly towards identifying the signs that someone likes you.

2) They ask after your day

Someone who is bothered about how you spent your day is likely to have an interest in you. This is not about asking how the day was but trying to get details about your day’s events. Whether you talk about the same thing over and over, they will listen all the way and find it interesting. Sometimes, people ask after your day’s activities even before the day starts.

If someone is not trying to allocate a responsibility or delegate, they simply want to know if they can squeeze themselves into your schedule. It is not just about ensuring that your day went just fine but also ensuring that your day ahead is going to be fruitful. Someone who is this considered about you definitely likes you.

3) They want you around them most of the time/ Want to be near you

It is one thing when you go out and hang out with someone and it is another when you want to hang out even without reason. Anytime you have time on your hands, they will try to find out if you can spend time with them. When you are separate, it feels like there is a void that needs to be filled.

However, there is a chemical analysis that tries to explain the reason for the desire to want to spend time together. This acts as an impulse and many may not even be aware of their response. It is evident that you will want to spend most of your time with someone that makes you feel good and happy.

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For those who are not at the level where they can call each other and hang out, you will notice that they will find a reason to bump into each other. They will go as far as creating a reason where there is none. For example, teenagers will come together when they are provided with assignments; they will try to be in the same group with people they like. Anything to spend time with someone you like.

If they are not spending more time with you physically, you will notice that they want to chat whether through social media or text messaging. Keeping each other company is what makes the other person happy. They simply cannot stay away and it may not be physical contact at all but they fancy your companionship.

4) They will refer to you as their girlfriend/boyfriend

Under some circumstances, some people find themselves referring to you as their girlfriend or boyfriend. Others go as far as referring you to as a wife or husband. It may sound like a joke but it is definitely out of liking you that such terms are used. This is even more evident when they refer to you in these terms even in public. In this, they are not afraid to let other people know they have a liking for you.

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5) They keep track of what you say and do

Another great tip on how to tell if someone likes you is that they tend to remember what you tell them. For example, sometimes you may mention that you are a fun of a given activity or that you like a given food. Sometime after, he or she will try to help you achieve the desired preferences.

While you may have said it as part of a conversation without much of a care, but the other person will keep note of all these preferences and try to make them come true. Remembering what you think is a small matter can only be achieved by someone that likes you.

6) They think you are always funny

When someone always seems to find you funny, the probability that that person likes you is relatively high. It is not a coincidence that the other person will always laugh even when others are not laughing yet it is the same joke.

7) They smile more than the ordinary

When you walk into a room and the person is smiling from one end to the other like something is out of the ordinary, they have a thing for you. The explanation behind this is that they cannot hold their excitement every time they see you.

They might not be aware of what they are doing, but other people including you notice the gesture. It happens as an impulse but is a clear sign of indicating that a person likes you. They always seem to have this big smile as if they are paid to maintain it every time you are close to each other.

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8) They treasure your opinion

When a person is always seeking your opinion over matters that are somewhat not even in your field of expertise, they are seeking your approval. They will refer to right about anything in an attempt to talk to you. Talking to you is just not enough. A majority of your conversations will always take a turn where they will ask after something that will seek their approval. For example, in the middle of a conversation, he or she will ask if their outfit is okay.

It is obvious that the person looked at the mirror before they left and thought it was okay. In addition, they have probably been in the same outfit on several occasions. The point here is that they want you to notice it and if it does not fancy their liking, they will take a different approach. It is not everyone that will go to all that trouble just for nothing. Seeking your opinion and approval is a way of trying to meet your standards in an effort to meet your preference, and obviously, this is how to tell if someone likes you

9) Body language signs that you can read

Body language sign is a common give away on how to tell if someone likes you. Some of the signs to watch out for include constant pats on the elbow, sitting while directing shoulders towards and even standing rather close to the other person.

These are body language signs that the person has an interest in you. The added advantage of body language is that the reaction cannot be forced. They tend to be genuine as the attraction towards someone is a feeling and not as a result of being pushed. In this, your eye cannot lie to you.

10) They treat you different from others

Everyone has a group of friends they hang out with. They are friendly and warm towards each other and they are good to each other. Once you notice how they treat others and you realize that you are receiving special treatment, it is not because you have a unique trait.

This is a sign that the person likes you. To increase the chances of making the analysis, always watch out to see how they treat members of your sex. If you are a girl, make the comparison between you and the other female friends he hangs out with. If it is similar, then it is not a sign, he is just being himself. If you are a notch higher than they are, then he probably likes you.

11) They take interest in what you like

A person who likes another will want to find a reason to talk to the other person. They will then take interest in what you like. For example, if he or she finds you listening to music, they are curious to find out what you are listening to. In the event that he or she is not aware of the genre, they will try to enquirer more from you.

This will apply to other things such as movies, comedians, art, hobbies, as well as television programs. For items that you both fancy, you will constantly find yourselves talking and talking over the provided topic. There are obviously other people who he or she can talk to but they choose to make conversation with you.

12) They are nervous around you

Many individuals think that being nervous is something that only women experience when they like someone. However, this is not the case. Men also experience nervousness when they like a girl. When you walk into a room and you notice that he or she gets nervous acts as a sign that he or she likes you. However, this might not apply to the shy girl or guy. This is because they tend to get nervous over several things and differentiating between whether they like you or are simply highlighting their shy side can be a challenge.

How to know if someone likes you

There are several ways on how to tell if someone likes you and the above comprise of the major signs you can look out for. However, be keen to prevent the embarrassment of making the wrong decision.

In this, it is advisable that you look out for a combination of signs just to be on the safe side. Whether you are in school or out and about, they apply and you will know if at least the person likes you.

How to know if someone likes you shouldn’t be difficult if you follow the above signs. These signs may be a starting sign and the more time you spend together, you may begin to notice other signs that are more specific and personalized to the individual. Keep in mind that people are different and should be treated as such. With the above tips, you should be able to counter rejection if the person is not showing any signs of attraction towards you.