Why Do Girls Get Wet?


Girls get wet for many reasons and I mean wet in the vagina area not wet as in she just took a shower. Sometimes a girl might get wet over a cute guy smiling at her, something she saw on TV that appealed to her, or it might be that she is wet and ready for sex. The things are though if your girlfriend is wet, she might not even be thinking about sex.

It is the same as when a guy gets hard and he does not know why. Some guys wake up every morning with a hard-on, and usually, once they visit the bathroom, it has gone down. There are often times when a guy will get hard and he is not even remotely thinking anything sexual. He is not able to explain why he is hard, just that he is for some reason.

If the guy was to backtrack and try to analyze what he was thinking right before he got hard, then he would probably do his own head in, because it is likely whatever thoughts flew through his brain are gone for good.

Women are very much the same, something arouses them and they get wet down there, and a lot of the time cannot put their finger on what it was. Having said this, it is far more likely that a girl will be able to think back and identify what triggered her to feel aroused. Do you know why this is?

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Because women are generally more tuned into their thoughts and emotions. Women focus more on matters of the heart and what really turns them on a lot more than men do. You may find this hard to believe while you sit next to your girlfriend who has turned you down for sex for the last three nights in a row. What can you do right now to get her turned on, in the mood and wet?

How often do girls get wet?

Romance is always a turn on for women, if you plan something romantic, like a dinner or something she will see the effort you have gone to and you are probably going to get lucky. Just one word of warning here, if you are only putting on a romantic meal to get in her pants, then you deserve to be kicked to the curb.

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If a woman suspects for one minute that all of your efforts have gone into this romantic evening for the purpose of getting her into bed, she will be pretty angry. She will think that the romantic gestures and all that effort were an act to score sex, and she might dump you.

What gets a woman wet?

What gets a woman wet and more than ready to engage in sexual activity with you comes from how you treat her. If you are sweet, romantic, kind and polite with her all the time, this will pay off. What you look like or what you wear has little to do with it.

If your girlfriend is choosing to date you then she is attracted to you no matter what. Women are more concerned with what is on the inside. If they have found a guy who is trustworthy, nice, gentle, kind-hearted and romantic, they will be turned on by that, not how sexy you look in your budgie smugglers.

Trust me when I tell you that women are looking for men who have far more going for them than just good looks. Even if you are not that good looking, if you treat women well, then you will attract in their eyes.