In this article, you will find out why guys like shy girls. Men get turned on by various aspects. While there are those that will go wild over bold women, many men will prefer the shy type. Shy women have other very welcoming and attractive qualities that draw men to them.

If you are a shy girl and you have been asking yourself, “Do guys like shy girls?” the answer is a definite yes and the following 8 points will point out why.

1. Shy girls do not easily let the cat out of the bag

Shy girls do not have a habit of chattering things around and it is in this nature that men like them. They feel secure and know that these women know how to keep secrets even when things go rough.

Shy girls are not the gossipy type so it´s a lot less likely they will talk about your relationship with everybody they know and meet.

2. They are less likely to cheat

This is a perception that many men have about shy girls. Whether it is true or not is a discussion for another day. With this perception, men are drawn toward shy girls.

Men are protective over what they like and knowing that their woman is there to stay, they are more comfortable rather than having a woman they cannot trust.

They are also less intimidated by the presence of a shy girl as opposed to an outgoing woman who is an extrovert.

3. They offer a challenge to men

Many shy girls make it difficult for men when asking them out. They have a thing for playing hard to get and this chase is challenging.

This type of challenge is a turn-on for many men.

By the time they get the girl to say yes to them and open up, it is a victory to brag about in the long term.

4. They let the man feel like a protector

Shy girls appear to be weak. In this, they feel like they need to protect them. Men love it when they are dominating and feel like the alpha.

Shy girls rarely talk about what they want or prefer and it is in this that they are more welcoming and allow men to play the protective role. Every man wants to run the relationship and feel right about it.

5. Shy girls have a touch of mystery about them

Shy girls are naturally quiet and they rarely talk about anything concerning them. They are, therefore, mysterious and difficult to understand unless you take the time and effort to do so.

This feature attracts men as they are always looking to find out what you are silently hiding. It is like giving him a run for his money.

6. Shy girls are usually more caring

It is evident that shy girls will rarely use speech to express themselves. You are going to know what they need or feel through their actions. In this, they tend to go out of their way and make things right.

You will see them taking on a number of responsibilities. They may not say they love you but they are perfectly good at showing it.

They may prepare your meal, go out of their way and help with the petty house chores. This leaves men feeling like they own it all.

7. Shy girls are a lot less likely to get into trouble

Shy girls tend to stay away from a lot and in this, they rarely get into trouble in this, men know that they will also not get into trouble in regard to their women. You can therefore be sure that coming across drama will be a rare event in a man’s life.

8. They appear shy and delicate

Shy women are naturally soft and delicate and probably the reason why they tend to stay away from crowds. This makes them highlight their feminist side, which makes them more attractive.

You will notice that a shy smile and body language can be very attractive. Shy girls are also conservative and know how to carry themselves in public.

Bottom line

The above qualities and traits are lovable by most men. So if you are still asking yourself whether guys like shy girls, know that they most certainly do.

Most men do not fancy bold women who have a tendency to react with hostility to the slightest problem. The delicate nature of shy women helps to contain anger and protect the relationship in a way.