Why men pull away in a relationship?


Why men pull away is a question many women want to get an answer. There are times when everything in your relationship is going pretty well and you are feeling great about it. As a matter of fact, it goes better than you would want. The problem starts when the situation changes and you start feeling like something is amiss.

While you felt like you and your guy were getting closer and closer, the situation changes and it starts to feel like the distance between you and him is becoming wider. After looking at things, you cannot put a finger to the reason it is going as it is. The two of you have not disagreed but your guy is throwing signs of disinterest and it is beginning to worry you.

At this point, you cannot tell what is going on. Do you ask him, or simply play along and pretend as if nothing is going on? While asking may seem like the easiest way out, you can be sure that it will only worsen things considering that you are not even sure of what is causing him to withdraw.

Before making any step, it is important to know why men pull away in relationships so you have an idea of how to handle the situation in the right manner. Once you can identify the possible reason, then you know what to do when men pull away in an effort to mend the situation and bring him even closer.

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The following are reasons why men pull away in relationships and what you should do when men pull away.

Here are the 3 reasons why men pull away in a relationship


1) He is losing interest

While you are developing a bubble of your own and fantasizing about your guy, be careful to also ensure that your guy is doing the same about you.

When the two of you met, the interest between the two of you pushed you to meet more frequently. The interest was at its optimum and your guy would call you up at all times just to check up on you.

Lose of interest is pretty much a dangerous reason as to why men pull away in relationships. At this point, it is important to weigh how far your guy doubts the two of you together. These doubts in many circumstances are identified during the relationship.

If you are keen, then you can reverse the situation before it is late. In some circumstances, it may just be a misunderstanding and with the right remedy, you can change the turn of events so they work in your favor if you really feel that this is the love of your life.

If you are used to providing the same old routine in your relationship, then this is your cue to spice things up. While he thought of you as the outgoing person, this may be the reason he is changing character. What he thought was exciting has become the usual day-to-day routine and it is boring. In this, he will try to avoid it.

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This is where you apply your creativity and make the relationship work. Change the activities you used to have together. This applies to your sexual activity too. You can spice things up gradually and be keen not to kill the very last bit of hope you try.

As you try to add something, ensure that it is something he would be glad to see and/or hear. It may be crazy for you but it is important that it is crazy in a good way for both of you.

2) He is unpleasant with the rush

You probably feel like the relationship is going great and you want your guy to make the next move. Guys need time to realize that it is time to move towards that next step. For example, the two of you met some time back and everything s going great and you would really like to move in with him.

While your intentions are positive, your man may not be too comfortable with the idea as of the moment you mentioned it. Rather than mentioning that he is not up to the idea as of the time, he will start to withdraw in an attempt to avoid the topic.

In such a situation, it is obvious that you need to stop pushing and allow him some space. He might be your man but if you keep pushing, you may be working towards losing him unconsciously. The relationship belongs to the tow of you and you need to make the compromise at this point and read the obvious sign.

It is better that you wait than lose him completely. Give him enough space and once he realizes it is time to make that next step, you will be smiling all the way.

It is important to know that men love to be in control. Sometimes, you trying to make the next step may simply be a turn off even if he thought of it first and had not aired the idea. Let your man be in control.

In addition, you can play hard to get and he will want you closer in an attempt not to lose you to anyone else. Try not to make it too easy for him. This strategy has been used and has been working since time memorial.

Also, you cannot start to pick-up quarrels at this point demanding that this or that be done if he really loves you. These conditional gestures tend to push him away and when he starts to withdraw, it can be a dangerous sign.

The best approach would be to hint and see what happens. In his own time, he will make your wishes and dreams come true in the long-term.

3) He has a given fear

When things are going great and you notice that they started to slow down without the slightest idea of why it may just be that your man has a fear. There is no specific fear as to what for the first time but you can try to unmask his fear without having to worsen the situation.

The more common reasons why men pull away if he has been hurt before in a different relationship or if commitment tends to spook him out.

These two reasons definitely have nothing to do with you so they can be rather tricky to deal with as you have no idea how far these fears have taken root. However, these fears are simpler in retaining your man as opposed to losing him. All you need do is help him overcome his fear.

You can start by reassuring him that everything is just fine. He may end up opening up to you and explain his fears. This is your best opportunity.

Do not start to point fingers and claiming those things have nothing to do with you and that he is probably being unfair. Remember, the fear may not have anything to do with you but it will definitely affect your relationship with him. In this, it definitely becomes your problem and it is best dealt with in its early stages, the moment you realize it.

Exercise some patience and reassure him that everything will turn out just fine. While he may be withdrawing, give him reason to try and get even closer to you. Make him understand that whatever it is that is raising his fear, the two of you are in it together.

It is very important that you do not take a leave in the name of giving him space for him to address his fears on his own. The simple gesture that you are by his side no matter what is very encouraging for him. His comeback will be the reason your relationship will be built on a very strong foundation.

While you are trying to address how to react and what to do when your man starts to pull away from your relationships, it is important to take note that it may be natural for a man to pull back at some point.

There is probably nothing wrong with the relationship and all that is required is that you give each other space so you can create a suitable environment to just miss each other.

While you may not be seeing each other eye-to-eye, it is important that you keep yourself in his mind. You could do this by sending him some loving text messages and when the opportunity avails itself, send him some dirty messages.

This will work magic as it jogs on your man’s imagination. This is a psychological attempt to keep your man engaged even when you are not close together physically. Why men pull away can also be part of a lack of affection.

What to do when men pull away?

It is important that you remain loving and do not start to lash out and become hostile. Doing the latter will only give him reason to ensure he pulls away completely. Allowing him some space will make him realize that he misses you. It is like missing out on your favorite person.

This will only happen if he has a good memory of you. In this, ensure that you remain calm. It may be difficult to do so but you need to keep your cool if you really love your man and you want him for yourself.

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In a more different scenario, if you and your partner are sleeping together, and your man starts to pull away, then this situation needs some analysis before determining the route to take. If you rushed to bed, and he is not following up, then it is best that you let go.

It may hurt but it is in your best interest. On the other hand, if your relationship had gotten to the point where you are having sex, then it is a whole different case.

You can use this to bring back the man who once adored you. Sex has its own power but you need to b careful and this only works with a relationship that was going rather seriously.

After realizing the withdrawal signs and you have worked towards getting your man back, it is not over. There is the final stage of how you treat him when he starts to come back around. You have done your part and it is advisable that you remain calm. Rushing out the door simply because he called and you are desperately trying to make him feel that you are always there for him.

This is a wrong move unless it is a matter of life and death and he needs you to support him. While he had stayed away for some time, he should not expect that you should come rushing. Even when you have nothing to do, remain calm, relaxed and listen to him.

The real reason why do men pull away

The reasons why men pull away vary from one person to another but they will be categorized as above. Women should not interpret the distancing as a way the man feels about him. However, allowing your man some space may be the first step to do when he starts to pull away.

The above tips will guide you on the strategies to apply to get him back and enjoy your love life with the man you care so much for. Ladies, this is not the time to panic and throw tantrums. Keep in mind that all men are different and the reasons why men pull away in a relationships will be vary depending on your man.