How to Win Him Back fast – Best Tips For Women To Get Their Men Back


Do you want to win him back? Are you looking for tips on how to win him back fast? If so, be patient. There is a process you must go through. The specific technique depends a lot on what caused the break-up.

What you know right now is that due to some unknown issue, he has broken up with you or you have decided to stop the relationship. This is an emotional time. Intellectually, you are aware that you should react in a certain manner in regard to the break-up, but your emotions are screaming and you really want to be impulsive and let them rule.

You realize that this is not the wisest course of action and you’re looking for ways on how to win him back, but there is a definite conflict between reason and emotion. It is natural to be upset and beside yourself. This is a loss, and loss is a form of grief. It is normal to be sad, but keep your wits about you and don’t allow the situation to deteriorate into hysteria. What you need to do is to battle the urge to be ruled by emotion and this will enable your intellect to take over.

What can you do to win him back fast?

  • Clobber him over the head with a golf club and drag him home?
  • Hogtie him and pull him by the end of the rope
  • Dump him in the trunk of your car and take off?


Seriously, there are two schools of thought:

The first is to ignore the whole situation. Do nothing. Don’t call him, email him, or IM him. Don’t try to contact him at all. Just act like you don’t care. The whole thing may have been an impulsive action implemented as a result of a bad mood on his part. After a few days, he may get in touch with you and try to smooth things over.

The other consideration is that he may expect you to act in a specific way post-break-up, and if you don’t conform to his expectations, he may be surprised and perplexed. This can engender new interest on his part because he may feel that there are elements of your persona that he did not perceive. This adds to the mystery and may lure him back to you. This strategy works best if the problems that caused the break-up were mostly his fault.

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The second option is to get in contact with him immediately. Ask him what is wrong and try to reason with him in a calm manner; apologize if necessary. This strategy works best if the problems that caused the break-up were mostly your fault, or due to mutual failures or flaws.

The best course of action on how to win him back is probably a two-pronged strategy. Just let it go for a few days. Give him some space and allow yourself time to calm down and view the situation in perspective. If he doesn’t contact you within a week, it may be because his pride is in the way. Call him and arrange a meeting, and try to work things out.

Meanwhile, think about what may have caused the rift.

Never mind that he:

  • Forgot to clip his toenails and stabbed you with them when you cuddled up together.
  • Offered to keep your houseplant while you went to visit your sick mother, forgot to water it and let it die.
  • Failed to show up for an important date because “he had to work late.” (It turned out that he was playing cards with the guys).


Remember, it’s you we’re talking about here. You are far from perfect. What did you do?

Did you:

  • Gain weight and wear a tent to bed?
  • Forget to put your glasses on, mistake his mother for the dog and encourage her to use the newspapers?
  • Throw a fit, whine, and sulk because he had to work late and broke a date with you?
  • Offer to do his laundry, throw his clothes in with yours and put in bleach by accident? Men hate wearing pink underwear.
  • Try to make him jealous?
  • Take him for granted. Laziness causes people to take others for granted.
  • Act cranky, moody, jealous and demanding?
  • Nag?
  • Suck in bed?

What not to after the breakup

  • Stalk him online. If you seem needy and act clingy, this behavior may remind him of why he wanted out of the relationship. He may feel that he made the right decision.
  • Have a tantrum, stamp your feet, and beg him to take you back. This will scare him and push him further away from you.


What to do next if you are looking to know how to win him back

  • Arrange a meeting, but omit the sex. Allow yourselves time to appreciate each other for more enduring reasons.
  • When the two of you get together, just keep everything light. Don’t discuss your differences. Try to avoid talking about unhappy experiences.
  • Don’t disagree with him if he tells you why he wanted to end the relationship. Acknowledge his words, admit to your responsibilities, and apologize for your errors. Being happy is more important than being right.
  • Don’t act clingy and possessive and don’t call him after the meeting. Just take your time and allow him to think about the situation and miss you a little.

Mystique is a big enticement for a man, and one of the most lethal tools in your cache, so use it liberally. When you and your boyfriend were first getting to know each other, a certain mystery surrounded your budding relationship. Your ex-boyfriend may feel that he knows you very well, but this may not be true.

The persona is like a kaleidoscope and chances are that there are many facets of your personality that he has not yet seen. If you entice him to retrieve the mystique in your relationship, he will want you again and you will learn how to win him back.

When you get him back, show him love and respect and don’t take him for granted. Remember, it is natural to be upset when a break-up occurs. The loss is a form of grief. It is normal to be sad, but keep your wits about you and don’t allow the situation to deteriorate. Fight the urge to be ruled by your emotions and allow your intellect to inhabit the front lines.