What Men Find Attractive in Women: 7 things you must know


What men find attractive wouldn’t be difficult to know. The most obvious thing that everyone knows that men will get attracted to looks when looking at a woman. However, women need to realize that there is much more that will add to your looks for a man to get attracted to you.

If you are looking to attract a man and have him for the keeps, you need much more than your looks. The following are what men find attractive. It is a relief that you do not have to undergo any pain or surgery to attract a man.

What do men find attractive in women?


1) Well Dressed

The fitting of your clothes plays a great role in your general appearance. It is not about keeping up with the latest fashion but about dressing to suit your physic. Dress well and feel good about yourself. Your dressing should contribute towards your confidence. The clothes should be fitting and not too tight or too baggy. Well-fitting clothes work in your favor to bring out all the positive features underneath. To patch this up, apply some perfume but ensure it is mild to avoid overdoing it. If you have been asking yourself of what men find attractive, good dress women play an important role.

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2) A flirty woman

While men love to flirt, they also find a woman attractive when she can flirt back. However, as much as you want to flirt, ensure that you are flirting back and not the one initiating the flirt. This is to avoid looking like a flirt and cheap. You can show this by curling your lips, crack some jokes to provide a response to a man, raise your eyebrow or even or giggle at a joke rather than laughing silly.

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3) A cheerful woman

A cheerful woman is warm and welcoming at any time. It is best to know that a cheerful woman will always have a smile that can impress any man. Every man will love this trait. It is better than having to stick around a woman who is always grumpy and angry at something or someone. This trait will melt away a man’s heart and want to be near you more often. It can be difficult to be cheerful 24 hours a day but the more you can uphold this trait the better it can be.

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4) A damsel in distress

The reason that men love this trait is that they easily identify an opportunity where they get to shine. Every man who can stand up to help out a woman is considered mature and they cannot avoid taking the trophy. Men love it when they feel wanted and even better, when the women get appreciative, as they then become the center of attraction. Acting like you have it all and you do not need any man will definitely send them away as they will diminish.

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5) A seductive voice

A seductive voice will turn the hair on any man into a frenzy. Ensure that you do not try to change your voice but instead, it is how you use your voice that counts. Avoid shouting but instead, keep your tone low. This does not mean that you should be whispering. You need to be clear yet keep your calm. In addition, ensure that you remain soft and gentle. High-pitched voices are a NO NO.

6) The ability to acknowledge a man’s stare

When a man sees what he likes, he cannot help himself but steal glances. Many times, women tend to try as much as they can to ignore the gesture. Well, you will be pleased to know that men find women attractive when she can acknowledge the stares of a man. Acknowledging does not mean that you move over to the man. Instead, you can try throwing glances and smiling. This response will keep him around as opposed to ignoring the stare. By ignoring, he thinks that you are a snob and that he is not your type.

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7) Show some skin

Covering yourself from top to bottom will not pull the trait. However, it will not also work in your favor if you start walking around half-naked. The key is to show some skin and let the guy use his imagination to fill the gaps in what you have covered. When you are showing too much skin, the guy will receive the wrong impression and the likelihood that they will confuse the impression you are trying to send.

What guys find attractive?

Women need to realize that there is much more that will add to your looks for a man to get attracted to you. If you are looking to attract a man and have him for the keeps, you need much more than your looks.

The above traits are some of what men find attractive, they are easy to cope with and they will make right about any man to feel attracted to you. just keep in mind that you should not go to any extremes. Do not overdo anything because it will look like you are trying to scream for attention. Stay calm, be you