What do women want in a man?

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What do women want in a man is a question that is often asked. It is evident women are different and that if you were to ask them what they are looking for in a man, they would give an endless list all trying to communicate their needs and preferences.

However, as you listen to what they have to say, there are common factors that are uniting all the different women. The following are the common attributes which women all agree to be a plus in what they are looking for before it goes further into a relationship.

What do women want – 7 traits women want to find


1) Kind gestures

Women will remember the smallest of the gestures that make them feel good about themselves. It is not about spending money buying her all the expensive things but about making her feel special even when you may not spend a time. Women will love the man that will call just to find out how she is doing even when they met earlier in the day.

Other gestures may include a warm hug that will last a while, a kiss of passion or even a lunch surprise that she did not expect. This gestures that sound small have a greater impact on women than you can imagine. A man to desire will always find a way of showing a kind gesture especially when you least expect.

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2) Appreciation

When a man takes things for granted, it can be difficult for a woman to feel appreciated. A man who appreciated a woman has a plus any day, anytime. Even when the woman simply takes care of the home or is going to work and still has time for you, showing that you appreciate goes a long way into motivating her.

An appreciated woman is a happy woman and a man who makes a woman happy is a treasure to hold on to. This also shows that the man is keen to notice the items and gestures that he is appreciating.

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3) Understanding

Every woman will insist that they are looking for an understanding man. In many circumstances, men are clueless about what women are trying to say. This is not because they do not like to listen but because they tend to lose track in a lengthy conversation.

However, women are looking for a man that will identify the main objective of the conversation rather than one that will try to cut the conversation short for their own reasons. Understanding a woman is about identifying where she is coming from rather than looking at her as a nag. An understanding man is a definite trait for every woman.

4) Honesty

One of the key traits women want in a man for building a strong foundation is honesty. It is all about building trust. When a man tends to lie, it dents on the relationship and as this builds up, he tends to gradually kill the relationship. Honesty also applies when she asks you something. In some instances, the truth may not be what she wants to hear but you can be sure that in the end, she will value your opinion.

Think of it this way, if she asks you about a dress she is wearing and you say that it looks great on her, only for the rest of the crowd in an event you both attend say otherwise will lead to mistrust. It is either that you did not look when she asked or you lied about the way it looks. Honesty definitely works in your favor, as she will appreciate in the long-term.

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5) Independence/self-respect

Independence and self-respect are one of the most important traits of what women want in a man. Women are looking for a man who is independent and knows what he wants. In addition, every woman loves her space and would love to keep it that way. A clingy man or one who is constantly calling to try and find out what you are doing. This can be translated to mean that the man does not trust you and it can dent the ongoing relationship. While you may feel like always trying to find out where she was and who she was with works in your favor, it is a complete turn-off.

6) Sense of humor

The funnyman will get any woman listening to him and she will be enjoying every moment. While women will get angry fast at the slightest thing that will get on their nerve, they also respond positively to a great sense of humor. However, bad jokes do not count as a great sense of humor. Also, do not try too hard, remain natural and be yourself. When you sound fake, the joke seizes to be funny.

What women want in a man?

The above are traits that will answer your question on what do women want in a man. While the list can go on and on to provide what every woman may be looking for, the above is what women agree on despite their differences and desires. A man who is understanding goes the extra mile to make a kind gesture, has a great sense of humor, is honest and appreciated a woman is a man to keep.