Would you like to date Spanish girls? If your answer is enthusiastic ‘hell yeah’, then you should consider a few things before you start to chase those attractive-looking Spanish women.

Most Spanish women are beautiful, with olive skin and brown eyes. However, you will also see many Spanish girls with blue or green eyes and blonde hair. You will also see girls that look more Arabic than European. The Spanish race is a very exciting mix.

The main reason why men want to date Spanish women is their passionate and joyous nature that they are so well known for in the world. They don’t hold back on the talk about sexual intimacy and they are famous for their inherent sexy curves.

If you’re a guy wishing to have a Spanish woman, then keep reading this article to find out exactly how to go about it. We provide you with a lot of information on the dating scene in Spain.

Overview of dating in Spain

When you are navigating a local dating scene in Spain, a few major factors are very important to consider. Some of them may be completely different from what you’re used to, so knowing the little cultural differences can play a very big role in your advances.

Learn to express your feelings

Expressing feelings is something that is considered to be very positive in Spain. Generally, irrespective of gender, Spanish people are very expressive about their feelings.

Emotional honesty is one of the main factors why many men enjoy the company of a Spanish woman. They are passionate and true to their feelings and who they are. That can be very sexy to a lot of men who are simply fed up with fake women.

While in other parts of the world, this boldness might be considered a sign of desperation, in Spain, it’s a sign of intelligence and inner beauty and is considered to be a very healthy approach to human relationships in general.

Get used to public displays of affection

In Spain, people find it a sign of love and intimacy to publicly display affection, and they don’t like to restrain their feelings. While in other parts of the world it may seem awkward, it’s not the case in Spain. Instead, you will notice couples kissing and even showing some extremely hot gestures in public, and no one bothers them.

Therefore, before planning your trip to Spain, you must have to get used to the public displays of affection and make yourself comfortable enough to cherish every moment. Also, after having a Spanish girlfriend, get ready for the most steaming kisses of your life in the middle of a crowded area. 

Be patient about getting serious

Patience is the key to getting the girl of your dreams in Spain. If you are a person who wants a serious relationship, then you might have to wait longer than usual for a Spanish girl.

The reason is, that Spanish women take much longer to commit to a serious relationship, and they are most interested in hanging out with you. The best way is to enjoy hanging out with a Spanish girl, and living every seductive moment with her, without thinking about your long-term relationship or the wedding.

]In any case, if you want her to be your wife in the future, make sure that she is also ready for this. Or you might lose those hot and precious moments with her. 

Where to meet Spanish women in Spain

meeting Spanish women

Other than the European countries and America, bars and nightclubs are not the right places to pick up men and women in Spain. Spanish people visit those places just to enjoy their time. So what is the best possible way to meet Spanish women in Spain?

Well, there are many options for that. Let’s have a closer look at all of them:

Meeting Spanish women in social circles

If you have any friend, relative, or a nearby person residing in Spain and has a huge social circle, then there is an option for you to hook up with your desired Spanish girl through these circles.

Spanish women don’t get involved in long-term relationships, they prefer local hookups. If you are eligible enough to attract them, there might be a huge chance that they will ask you to spend some time together locally with her friends or family.

It also means you will have an opportunity to get to know her better in a social context.  

Using Spanish dating apps and websites

This option is best for people who don’t know anyone in Spain and want to meet a beautiful Spanish girl online.

Multiple dating apps like Tinder are very famous among Spanish men and women. These sites and apps let you connect with the woman of your dreams, and you two can arrange a meeting.

Usually, many couples end up kissing on the first night. Therefore, when you visit Spain, don’t forget to browse through these dating websites and find good-looking hook-ups before you even arrive in Spain.

Joining some local groups

You might be thinking, how can I join a local group in Spain when I’m a tourist or a new person here? It is no longer a mystery. You can find many such groups on different social media platforms.

All you have to do is to join those groups online, for example on Facebook, and find out when and where is the next meet-up. Very often these meet-ups turn into a party where if you play your cards right, can end very well for you with a very memorable night.

However, if you are interested in a long-term relationship, then be patient. In general, Spanish girls take longer to commit than other girls around the world.

They are more careful about who they choose as their life partner. The person needs to be compatible with their family and close friends. They place quite a lot of emphasis on that.

Going to Intercambios

Intercambio is a kind of social gathering in many bars and cafes. The main idea behind these gatherings is to have fun by exchanging your language skills with the different members of the group.

These events are a great way to meet new people in Spain, and there is a huge chance of a hookup in those meetings, perhaps even a one-nighter.

So, the next time you visit Spain, make sure to go to Intercambio meetings to find a local girl who wants to learn your language.

Selecting the right Spanish City

There are multiple cities in Spain that are very romantic, but selecting the right one can give you access to the biggest selection of hot Spanish women. The following cities are known internationally for having the greatest dating and party scenes in Spain.

Valencia – An old city with a cool vibe

There are more than one million people residing in Valencia which is considered the third-largest city in Spain. It has many advantages and is considered one of the best options to choose from when it comes to your visit to Spain for women.

It has the finest weather that makes you explore the city without any difficulties. Also, due to the compact area of the city, it is very easy to navigate around, and walk to the beaches as they are very near to the center.

It has many bars and public places where you can find beautiful Spanish women who are all ready to be a part of your intimate and beautiful night. In addition to this, it has many cheaper options so that you can enjoy your trip without getting much worried about economic issues. 

Barcelona – The party city

Barcelona city in Spain is famous for its international feel. You can enjoy hookups and a one-night stand with the beautiful Spanish and Catalan girls who are more open to dating an international.

If you are planning to visit Spain and all you want is to spend some quality time with the most beautiful women, then you must choose Barcelona. The city is very vibrant and romantic.

It is one of the most attractive cities in the world and filled with beautiful Spanish women. Many people will confirm that they have experienced the most romantic and sexiest one-night stands in their life in Barcelona. 

Madrid – Work hard and play hard

Who doesn’t know about Madrid in Spain? Everyone knows Real Madrid the famous football team. It is the capital city with a huge diversity of women. Quite possibly, it has the best nightlife scene in the whole of Spain.

There are beautiful Spanish women everywhere you look. Additionally, many international models work and live in Madrid and Barcelona.

In addition to this, these women are famous for partying hard and there is a hot dating scene with plenty of options for everyone that makes this capital city so special.

Dating etiquettes in Spain

You might be wondering if there is any proper etiquette related to dating in Spain. Well, when it comes to Spanish girls, you have to focus on dating etiquette to attract them. Following are some major dating rules in Spain that you would be wise to observe.

The first move

Irrespective of some other countries where the atmosphere is a bit conservative, especially about dating, Spanish people are famous for being bold and loud in their relationships.

Typically, Spanish women are famous for being the biggest flirts, and they are the ones who usually make the first move. It means that you never know how your night will end when you party with a Spanish girl.

In fact, she might be so openly into you that she will start kissing you in public. This is quite normal, especially among the younger generation.

It’s better to follow a dating scenario

Other than the group of “horny” Spanish girls, there might be some who want to spend a whole day with you to ensure if they really want to become your night partner or not.

It is better to follow a typical Spanish scenario in that case. Invite your friends, if any, to the night’s get-together, and introduce them to your partner so that she may feel honored, it will help her trust you. 

Being late for a date is normal

Spanish people are famous for “not” being punctual. Yes, you read it just right. When you first visit Spain, and all you want is to hook up with a beautiful Spanish girl, you want her to be punctual. This will not happen.

Even after deciding a time, you might have to wait for up to an hour to meet her because that’s just how things work in Spain. You have to be patient if you really want to hang out with a beautiful girl and enjoy every steaming moment with her.

Dress to impress

Spanish women like to focus on appearances, and they believe in their first impressions. That is also your opportunity to make a good first and lasting impression by dressing appropriately.

If she is not impressed with your lack of effort, there is a huge chance that she won’t stay with you for the rest of the evening. She will just take you to her friends and then take off in the group.

Dating a Spanish girl

Although Spain is a Catholic country, the residents are not shy when it comes to sexuality and dating. In fact, they are famous for making intentions clear before starting a relationship. 

Following are the tips to consider when it comes to dating a Spanish girl:

Be genuine and confident

The first and most important thing for a guy who wants to pick up a Spanish beauty is to be genuine and confident. Spanish women like guys who are faithful to them.

For instance, being an American, you can start the conversation by telling her that you don’t speak Spanish, and she will appreciate your directness because you told the truth. Even though you might struggle with the language, try to remain confident.

Dance until you drop

If you know some dance moves, then the best way is to take her to the dance floor and start showing her your moves. Most Spanish girls love to dance, and dancing is a big part of their cultural heritage. There is a higher chance that she might give you some clues as to how she feels about you through sizzling dance moves. 

Listen to her very carefully

Like all the other women on the earth, Spanish girls also prefer guys who actually listen to them carefully. Therefore, the next time you’re around any Spanish woman, it’s necessary to listen to her while she is talking. It will make her feel prioritized, and she will respect you for that. 

Arrange something romantic

After getting dinner approval from her side, it’s time to make some romantic arrangements so that she will be the first one to ask for spending the night together.

Like all the other women in the world, Spanish girls also love a romantic atmosphere like candlelight dinner at a restaurant or preferably at the beach. Also, arrange a place with some music for both of you to dance to after having dinner. 

Compliments can get you very far

Usually, the biggest mistake that American men make towards Spanish women, is their reluctance to give them compliments they clearly deserve.

Don’t be afraid to tell her that her back looks very sexy in that pair of jeans or that her curves look magical in that dress. Focus on her to see where she puts a lot of attention and then compliment the hell out of it.

When you compliment a Spanish girl this way, it will surely make her feel desired and appreciative of her looks and the way she dresses. There is nothing to be afraid of. She will love those compliments.

Kiss her as soon as you can

As soon as you think that she might like you and you’re close, ignite the passion with a spontaneous kiss. That can be a great initiation to a wonderful night that you’ll have together. If she pulls away then she will most likely tell you what’s next. Remember to be respectful and gentle.

Is dating a Spanish girl worth it?

Yes! I mean, why wouldn’t it be worth it? We’ve talked about their natural beauty, love for intimacy, and openness, and these are the things that men crave the most.

Being able to speak in Spanish will be very helpful. The reality is that English is not the most popular language in Spain. Below is a link to a Spanish course with the best pick-up lines. You will be speaking Spanish in the most romantic and attractive way possible. The course will also help you pick up Spanish girls anywhere.

Let me know if you agree in the comments below and also feel free to share your experience with Spanish girls and the dating scene in Spain.