Love is not the ideal romantic story described in women’s novels, but a real relationship that inspires and makes you change for the sake of a loved one. We have prepared real-life romantic stories for you, after which you will believe in true love.

Not everyone believes in the existence of love. Someone has not yet had time to meet their fate, someone has not noticed it in the daily rush, and someone has a broken heart and is afraid to be hurt again.

Everyone dreams of the kind of love for which you can move mountains or give up significant things if circumstances that require it. Unfortunately, many people have been looking for such feelings for years, but they never find it and, not wanting to waste their time on trifles, they prefer to live alone all their lives. However, we did find several real-life stories that confirm true love exists. Find your romantic story to tell a girl and melt her heart. Or just read it and believe in love again!

1. Love, despite everything

After the birth of their son, Lily and David had to face a huge problem. She began to lose her sight, and even glasses did not help.

David did everything to ease her suffering; he found a second job to pay for eye surgery. He slept for 4 hours and almost did not see his son. However, he managed to save money and cover all expenses.

The operation was successful, and Lily returned home with her vision restored. The year turned out to be difficult, David has been working hard, but now they can enjoy life together, healthy and happy.

And this is the most important thing. This unexpected real-life romantic story is an example of true love, self-sacrifice, caring, and compassion.

2. Love is a sacrifice

Their love was a unique romantic story. Almost. Allison was afraid that Luke would criticize her cooking. She thought she was cooking deliciously, but the ex-boyfriend did not like anything. He was looking for a reason to humiliate the girl in order to trample her self-esteem.

But Luke said nothing about her cooking. He admired every dish of his wife, even the chicken liver, which he really didn’t like. He didn’t want to upset her.

This is a real sacrifice – he loves her very much, which means he loves everything connected with her – be it food or friends.

3. Love is caring

Once Isaac helped an elderly woman carries heavy bags to the entrance of her house. She thanked him, and Isaac saw an old blind man standing by the door.

He recognized the woman’s voice and immediately went up to help with the bags. It was her husband, the one who had been meeting his wife near the house for 47 years already so that she would not drag heavy things to the fourth floor.

Isaac remembered how lazy he was to meet his girlfriend when she returned home with heavy bags. This true romantic story is a great example of dedication and mutual support.

4. Love is, above all

At the age of 19, Cody lost his leg. At that time, he was dating Kate; they were in love. As a result, she decided to move abroad – to earn money for both of them.

Despite all the promises, Cody doubted and felt that she was lying. He made the decision to break up, so it would be better for her. A month later, there was a knock on his door; Katy was standing on the threshold.

She was angry with him and said: “You, idiot! I didn’t leave you. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital – you will have a prosthesis installed. I went to work to earn money for your new leg. So you can walk again. Do you understand?” Cody was speechless and just cried, holding Kate in his arms.

This short romantic story is an example of the fact that love is stronger than any circumstance and problem – even the most insoluble and difficult.

5. Love does not give up

At the age of 18, Hannah was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It became clear to her that she would soon pass away. The news should have been reported to the guy. He would probably leave her, and it is understandable: who wants to mess with a terminally ill person?

“No way!” he replied. They will overcome it together. It soon turned out that the tumor was benign; everything would be all right with Hannah. Now they are married for two years and have a daughter.

Hannah will never forget his support at the most difficult moment of her life. This is impossible, but the true romantic story is an example of how, thanks to a shared struggle, a fatal diagnosis has been overcome.

6. Love is hard work

For a long time, Ayden dated a beautiful girl from high society. She was a little wayward and spoiled, as he has been thinking. They soon got married. A week later, Ayden had an accident and was paralyzed.

He thought that Nora would leave him, but she selflessly looked after her husband and supported him. Who would have thought that she would be so faithful and loving?

love is forever

Nora had to part with her favorite things, famous brands, and jewelry to pay for her husband’s treatment. She even learned to cook special diet nutrition for him.

She never complained and did not allow him to give up; she forgot about her erratic and eccentric nature. It all had the result, as Ayden got to his feet again. Here it is – the most romantic story about love that changes people.

7. Love is acceptance

It turned out that Alan could not have children. He had to hide it from his ex-girlfriend. When he did reveal the truth to her, she left him. Alan passed through a long depression, he tried to distract himself, but nothing worked.

Six months later, he met a girl; love appeared between them, and the fear of being left with nothing settled in Alan’s heart again. But he decided that he would not hide this fact from his beloved this time.

Elle calmly reacted to his confession, as she was not opposed to adopting a child someday. At that moment, Alan has realized that he wants to marry her.

8. Love breaks the distance

Emily and Jacob met on the hookup sites – a common romantic story for today’s youth. She found him “cheerful, kind and educated” and also “very handsome.”

They communicated via Skype. As several years passed, Emily insisted on meeting. However, Jacob was afraid of this. She traveled thousands of miles, and came to another country, to finally see her beloved.

They looked at each other. Jacob was disabled and cannot walk, but Emily didn’t care. They spent three months together and then got engaged.

“He is the best, my one and only!” she says. This short romantic story about falling in love is an example of unconditional love, the one that makes an appearance not important and distance not so scary.


This list of modern-day romantic stories shows that true love exists. And yes, it is in the little things, which prove it. True love comes in the lives of those who sincerely believe in it, although even ardent skeptics sometimes fall in love.

But it depends only on you whether you will be able to appreciate real feelings, whether you will be able to preserve them and create a couple with a loved one.

Do you believe in true love? Or maybe you have your own touching romantic story? Please tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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