Making new friends online is governed by similar rules as in real life. Personal culture, linguistic correctness, general appearance, and a smile – are the basis for your profile on dating sites.

Because let’s face it, who wants to meet a gloomy guy or a girl, who not only has nothing to say but also looks boring and unattractive?

Do you want to increase your success on dating sites? Bet on a few proven rules. The first is that your profile is your calling card. And with this in mind, build your own interesting and true image of yourself.

Use the best photos of yourself

Photos are the most important part of a dating profile. In fact, that’s the first thing we pay attention to. This photo makes us stop at a profile for longer. So what kind of photos should you choose?

Main profile picture

  • good quality – clear
  • well-cropped
  • where you can see a nice person looking into the lens
  • should be recent – even if your favorite is from 20 years ago

If you want to inspire the trust and curiosity of the person on the other side, don’t post photos with your ex-partners. Even if you’ve perfectly blurred their faces in photoshop.

Additional photos

  • show your passion (e.g. while playing sports)
  • they say what you like (e.g. with your beloved pet)
  • show your beloved places (mountains, sea, and maybe your own garden)

Remember not to use too many of them. 10 should suffice. Also, do not post photos that are very similar, focus on variety. Do not boast, but use photos to tell a story that shows what kind of person you are.

Description of you

Contrary to what most people think, filling in this field on your social profile may turn out to be a difficult task.

It will be a mistake:

  • posting just a few words, telling the reader nothing about you
  • not entering anything in this field – is a sign of disregarding other participants on the portal
  • writing clichés – if you take up a topic, expand it and bring your person closer to others.


  • Don’t write “I like animals” – it’s definitely not enough. Does liking animals mean you have them at home, do you work for some animal welfare organization, work with animals, or are you… like watching nature films?
  • Don’t say “I like music.” In your case, does liking music mean that you like to listen to a specific band, you often attend concerts or maybe you create make music yourself?

A dating profile is a great place to describe yourself and bring others closer to you in just a few words. Take advantage of this and encourage them to write a message to you. The content of your profile description should be attractive and actionable. Think of it as clickbait.

The goal is to get your readers hooked on your social profile enough to make them want to contact you for dating.

Description of your dream partner

Now we come to the most interesting part that is too often neglected. Do you think the best thing to do is write “not sure, I’m not looking for a prince charming” on your dating profile? Are you afraid that by writing specifically about what you are looking for will scare away potential partners from your profile? In fact, just the opposite is true!

You should always write a few words about the person you are looking for. You could mention:

  • what interests she/he should have (could be the same as yours or interests that you find fascinating)
  • what are important character traits for you (you know well what people you like to be with)

Writing a few words about the person you are looking for can help potential candidates connect with you. The description of your dream partner on a dating site is a kind of green light for people with whom you have something in common – a shared passion, similar values, or expectations towards a relationship.

A true description of your desired partner will also help you avoid people who do not quite meet your expectations. Therefore saving you from potential bad relationships in the future.

Let us know in the comment section below your recommendations for building a successful dating profile on social dating sites.