Elon Musk is well known for being an eccentric billionaire who has built his wealth through his various successful and innovative businesses, such as electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and spacecraft and advanced rockets manufacturer SpaceX.

He’s no stranger to the public eye, which would make one think he’d be careful with what he says on the internet to avoid scandals or uproar that would raise the need for public relations control and, possibly, legal settlements.

But not Musk.

What he said on Twitter has brought him into severe financial trouble before; however, that hasn’t stopped him from tweeting. He, amusingly, also tends to overshare. So let’s take a look at some of the most sexual tweets that Elon Musk has ever put out on Twitter.

We will explain the sexual nature of these tweets because their meaning is sometimes hidden in the dialogue and the story that was unfolding at the time.

Haven’t even had sex in ages (sigh)

Elon Musk sexual tweet

Earlier this year, in July 2022, Musk attempted to shut down claims by the Wall Street Journal. The media article stated that the billionaire had an alleged affair with his friend and Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan.

He shut it down by replying to another user’s tweet, saying that the article was complete nonsense as he and Brin were friends and were at a party together the night before. On the other hand, he had only seen Shanahan twice in three years, with many other people around, so there was nothing romantic happening between the two.

When the original poster told Musk that they were glad to hear that he wasn’t having an affair, Musk replied once more, saying that he hadn’t even had sex in ages.

Shortest sexual tweet by Elon Musk – ´Nope´

Elon Musk tweet about sex

This short and simple answer is a continuation of his tweet in #1 above.

One commenter, who seemed to be pitying over Musk’s frank announcement of not having sex in “ages,” asked if Musk had gotten any action when he was in Greece, where he enjoyed a rare vacation on a superyacht.

‘Nope,’ was Musk’s answer.

I guess his vacation in Greece did not include any romantic escapades that he was willing to share with his audience.

Then again, just because he denied any sexual activity, does not automatically exclude it. Maybe it simply means that he preferred to keep things private.

I mean, I’m doing my part haha

A month or two before his tweets in #1 and #2 above, the billionaire tweeted on a serious topic: birth rates in the United States.

elon musk twitter

Attaching a graph taken from the Wall Street Journal article, Musk tweeted that the country’s birth rate had been below the minimum sustainable levels for approximately 50 years and that the past two years had been a demographic disaster.

The graph itself showed that the nation’s total fertility rate in 2021 was below the “replacement” level of 2.1.

This meant that 2.1 was the level needed for a generation to replace itself. With the lower rate, the human population would likely not grow as significantly as it did historically.

Musk then jokingly said he had been doing his part in contributing to the falling replacement level.

Am thinking of starting a new university: Texas Institute of Technology & Science

In 2021, the Tesla CEO seemed to have randomly tweeted about wanting to start his own university. He wrote that it could be named the Texas Institute of Technology & Science.

elon musk tweet about university

At first glance, it might have seemed like an innocent tweet, conveying an ambition of a man who already has many businesses. But try paying attention to what the acronym of the university would be.

Joking about the female anatomy, Musk followed up the idea with another tweet, saying that it would have “epic” merchandise and be “universally admired.”

The satire, sarcasm, and joke were appreciated by many, as the university tweet garnered about 607 thousand likes. In addition, at least 130 thousand people agreed on the merch idea, which many admired.

A commenter played along with Musk’s joke by saying that a rival school would be the South Harmon Insitute of Technology. Almost a thousand people appreciated the acronym for that school.

A sexual innuendo about Bitcoin

elon musk tweet bitcoin sex

There are many cryptocurrencies on the market, but one of the most popular ones is Bitcoin.

Elon Musk has shown enthusiasm and interest in cryptocurrency. For instance, the billionaire had recently launched a perfume and accepts payment in Dogecoin.

So it was no surprise when he tweeted about Bitcoin in late 2021. However, the twist was that he had made a sexual innuendo about the beloved cryptocurrency.

When Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed to $67,000, reaching new records, many investors and fans of the cryptocurrency became very excited, including Musk.

In his tweet, the business magnate uploaded a single image of a meme that showed an illustration of a couple suggestively cuddling in bed while looking at a screen projected onto their bedroom wall.

The screen displayed Bitcoin and its competitor Ethereum next to their respective valuations. Bitcoin’s price was written as $69,000, whereas Ethereum’s price was $4,200.

In reality, neither of the crypto coins had reached those valuations. However, since Musk was likely up to his usual Twitter antics, Bitcoin was given a sexual innuendo of the number 69.

Musk had tweeted the cannabis-related number 420 previously, which was likely what was nodded to by Ethereum’s price.

About 700 thousand people liked Musk’s sexual innuendo tweet.

Another sexual innuendo about Bitcoin

sexual inuendo about bitcoin

Apparently, #5 wasn’t the only sexual innuendo the billionaire had ever dropped about Bitcoin.

Another tweet dated back to 2020 was of a single image showing a man and a woman, where the man was standing with his hands clasped as if praying.

A text was written in front of him, which said, “Me trying to live a normal productive life.”

Beside the man was a woman, who looked at the man seductively, in a dress with the bottom lifted, exposing her naked bottom.

As a sort of censorship, the logo of Bitcoin was placed right where her buttocks were.

Essentially, the joke was that Bitcoin had either been a great distraction or temptation, or both, to Musk that it prevented him from living a normal and productive life.

The tweet had been retweeted almost 40 thousand times and was liked 371 thousand times.

But have u seen my sex tape

elonk musk sex tape

By now, it should be pretty obvious how Elon Musk uses Twitter as his main communication channel, where he often throws jokes and puns into his tweets.

So when he tweeted this year about his sex tape, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it turned out to be just a play on words.

Musk cleverly posted a photo of two pieces of tape in their tape dispensers, angled and positioned in such a way so one would look like the number 6 and the other as 9.

The tweet so amused about 600 thousand people that they reacted similarly.

Following up on the joke, Musk wrote a pun: ‘it’s a sticky situation.’

Obviously, he is no stranger to the 69 sexual position.

Turns out there’re more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined

Last but not least, there was a tweet that Musk made in 2019 in response to a Tesla car being used in a pornography video. This requires a step-by-step recount:

  • A video that trended first on the world’s number-one pornography portal caught Musk’s attention as it showed a couple getting intimate in a Tesla Model X, one of Tesla’s car models with an Autopilot feature.
  • At the time, Tesla had to fight many legal battles over controversies that arose since the company began offering its Autopilot self-driving technology, as customers assumed ‘self-driving’ a little too literally.
  • Musk’s tweet could have either been taken as approval that his Autopilot feature could be used to support explicit acts in an automobile or that he was simply amused by it and made it satire, as he usually does.
  • After the initial tweet, which got liked 158 thousand times, Musk wrote ‘should have seen it coming’– another veiled comment that hinted at how, for someone who is not embarrassed to disclose information about his own sex life, he should have been able to expect such an occurrence.
  • On the business side, Tesla has since stated on its website that Autopilot should only be operated when the driver is fully attentive to their surroundings and is ready to manually override at any given moment. Additionally, the technology has been clarified to not be self-driving.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Elon Musk is not one to shy away from being frank on the internet, whether it’s by sharing his thoughts on politics, disclosing business details, or giving too much information about his sex life.

To say the least, his tweets are amusing and eyebrow-raising at times. They often attract hilarious responses from other Twitter users, and followers have likely already gotten used to Musk’s controversial tweets.

There are rare moments where Musk tweets on serious topics, such as free speech and announcements related to his companies. But it usually won’t be long before he tweets something unusual again, which makes for a good source of distraction.