The female body is a wonderfully complex machine, and it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to sex. In fact, even the most experienced lovers can still discover new pleasure points and new erogenous zones in women.

There are no real limits to sex, which is why we all get so much enjoyment from it. There is always something exciting to master, an adventurous position or a satisfying motion, and there is always the potential for multiple orgasms, in terms of female pleasure anyway.

Supposedly there is no limit to the number of times a woman can orgasm. Whilst male ejaculation is a very final and complete act, the internal walls and muscles of the vagina are designed to allow for prolonged pleasures (biologically, in the hope of fertilization), and it is not uncommon for women to orgasm two or three times during sex.

Finding The Top 10 Erogenous Zones In Women

In order to be the guy who gets his girl moaning, you first need to learn how to push the right buttons. There are certain parts of the female body that become extra sensitive during sexual excitement. These areas are called female erogenous zones. Yet, the biggest mistake that a man can make is to assume that only the breasts and the vagina count as erogenous zones for women. This article will not only show you how untrue this notion happens to be, but it will also let you in on all of the secret places that your lady loves to be touched.

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1. Getting Lucky With The Lips

If you live in a culture where it is deemed acceptable for lovers to kiss with open mouths, even in public, it can sometimes feel like the lips have lost their luster, so to speak. Yet, there are so many ways to tempt and tease using the mouth that there is simply no excuse for neglecting this key area.

There are more ways to stimulate erogenous zones for women than basic kissing, so get a little creative. For example, ladies go wild for a gentle nibble on the bottom lip, followed by a deep kiss, and a mischievous smile. If she returns your nibble, you have her right where you want her.

2. Whispering Sweet Nothings

It should come as no surprise to find that the ear can be a very sensitive area and one of the key erogenous zones for women. In fact, there are some women who find that ear-biting, nibbling, or blowing does nothing for them, but the majority will really love it.

Plus, studies have suggested that women are actually more turned on by psychological stimulation than men, so auditory pleasure can be a real libido booster. If you want to turn a woman on quickly, whisper quietly into her ear, and then use your lips to trace a feathery outline along her earlobes.

3. Reaching For The Wrists

The inner side of the wrist is covered with a very sensitive layer of skin, and it reacts enthusiastically to the touch. This is why you will often see the romantic leads in Hollywood movies turn over the wrist, in order to kiss it gently – the skin is so responsive to touch that it stimulates a reaction in more than just the one erogenous zone. If she lets you hold her hand, carefully turn it over and expose the skin of the inner wrist. Then, either nibble, kiss, or nuzzle the area until you can feel your lady start to melt.

4. Nuzzling The Nape Of The Neck

The nape of the neck is a very intense erogenous zone for women, and the bonus is that it can be played with before a shred of clothing has been removed. This means that, like the earlobes and the lips, it is possible to get a girl all riled up and ready for sex even before the possibility of it has reared its head. The skin is particularly vulnerable and tender, so do make sure that you use a light and gentle touch. In fact, a warm breath is usually enough to stimulate this area, so do not be afraid to work primarily with the mouth and tongue in the right situation.

5. Pleasure In The Knee

Now, this is a women’s erogenous zone which might surprise a lot of men, and there is a good reason why it is not generally considered to be a very sexy area. There are very few men who look at the back of the knee and think ‘I cannot get enough of that area,’ after all.

However, the back of the knees is filled with hundreds of sensitive nerve endings, which make them extremely sensitive to the touch. This means that after you have moved on from the feet, it is a good idea to work your way up and caress the whole leg until you reach this erogenous zone. You only need to touch, nuzzle, and caress very lightly, and if your lover expresses dislike, move on to another area.

6. Time To Play Footsie

This is one of the few women’s erogenous zones that can divide people, precisely because there are lots of lovers who cannot stand the sight of feet – not just the feet of their partner, but all feet. On the other hand, there are other people who simply cannot get enough of them, who are turned on by the feet of their lover in an instant.

If you are one of the latter, start at the soft skin on the ankles, and bring your fingers round to trace an outline of the contours of her foot. Once again, if you are comfortable with it, use your mouth and tongue to suck and stimulate her toes.

7. Going For The Bottom

It is important, perhaps more important for women, that sex does not begin with a cursory touch of the legs and breasts, and then a direct route to the vagina. Whilst a lot of men could care less whether or not their thighs have been adequately tickled or their ears tauntingly teased, the build-up to lovemaking is extremely important for women, and very often determines how easy it will be for them to orgasm.

In other words, the more work that you put in before you get to the breasts and vagina, the easier it will be later on. With that in mind, move onwards to the buttocks, and do not be afraid of pressure here, because the area is sensitive but musclier – a pinch may even raise a smile.

8. Stroking The Inner Thighs

Once again, it should be fairly obvious that the inner thigh is a very valuable erogenous zone for women. Whilst the majority of men only treat it to a brief and fleeting touch on their journey south to the vagina, it is actually the perfect area for prolonged and intense strokes with the fingertips or the tip of the tongue. If you want to get your woman quivering with anticipation and on the way to soaking wet, utilize variations in pressure, or alternate between warm kissing and cold breath, in order to really stimulate this area.

9. Caressing The Breasts

It is not possible to talk about female erogenous zones without mentioning the breasts, despite their obvious role in lovemaking. If possible, do resist the temptation to go straight for the nipple, because a teasing build-up is bound to drive your lover wild with anticipation. Instead, create some momentum by delicately caressing and stroking the collarbone, or upwards from the ribcage.

It is best to employ semi-circular hand motions, as you slowly move nearer to the nipples. You can gently knead and squeeze the breasts, or trace their outline with your fingertips, before taking a flickering tongue and stimulating your woman by nibbling on this intensely sensitive area.

10. Headed For Ground Zero

At the point when it becomes necessary to move towards the genitals, and you will know this point when your lady is practically begging for satisfaction, you should find that her vagina is well lubricated and anticipating sex. This is important and necessary for comfortable lovemaking, so you should not attempt intercourse unless she is sufficiently aroused.

Once her body is prepared to meet yours, take some time to try and find her G-spot. As most men will already know, this can be difficult, but there is nothing wrong with taking it slow and allowing her to guide you toward the areas which feel great.

If you want to have great sex and please your lover, it is essential to give her body the care and attention that it deserves, by stimulating her erogenous zones – and not just the breasts and genitals either. Yet, at the same time, it is important to remember that all female bodies are different and that what works for one woman might not produce the same effect for another.

Your job is to work out which combination of moves and actions are going to send your woman to heaven and back, and this can only be achieved with attention – watch her reactions, feel her responses, and work with them. If necessary, ask her what she likes, because communication will always be something to encourage and foster, not fear.

Making The Female Erogenous Zones Count

The following are a handful of special tricks and tips that you can use to drive your woman wild between the sheets.

Locating The Fabled G-Spot

This female erogenous zone can be near impossible to find, and there are still people who do not believe that it exists, but millions of pleasure-loving women would most likely disagree.

The best way to find the G-spot is to get your lady to help you with this task and let her direct you to what feels best for her. In simple terms, once your finger is inside her, you should form a hook shape. Then, about 1-2 inches from the top of the vagina, you should feel a spongy, bumpy protrusion that makes your lover feel good when you touch it.

Achieving The G-Spot Climax

This kind of climax usually requires fairly prolonged and sustained stimulation of the G-spot erogenous zone, so it can take a couple of attempts before it happens.

However, the more familiar you get with the internal layout of the vagina and the G-spot, the easier it will be to help your woman have the best orgasm of her life. It can be easier to get at the area from behind but seeing as the G-spot is located towards the front of the body, you will need to penetrate your lover in a way that pushes your penis against the front side of the vagina wall.

Aiming For The Combination Climax

Stimulation of the G-spot is a superb way to complement and intensify oral play. If you are stimulating the clitoris with your tongue, gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina in a careful thrusting motion.

If you tilt them upwards ever so slightly, you will come close to the G-spot zone, and maybe even bring about the type of stimulation which ends in the fabled combination climax; a blend of vaginal and clitoral orgasm which is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of climax, and capable of resulting in female ejaculation.

Once again, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the fact that everybody is different and enjoys different things. If your partner dislikes some of your moves or does not respond in the way that you had hoped, do not get disheartened. You can either move on and try something new, or simply man up and ask her where she loves to be touched. This could be a great shortcut in your learning curve and bring you two closer quicker.