Obviously, if you are looking at how to make a girl wet, you are definitely looking forward to getting her into bed. These go together automatically or the entire endeavor will hit rock bottom. There are other reasons for ensuring you get her wet. Other than just getting her to want exactly what you want, you are also looking to enjoy the moment and make it memorable. It is no fun trying to go the extra mile while things are a little tough.

Men will come up with various strategies of making this happen but the key lies how you do it more than, on what you do. You need to get her to the point of no return in an effort to ensure that she wants it bad. Considering that women are different, it is best that you venture some sensitive areas so you can find the best feature to play with to achieve your goal.

There are several things you can do appropriately when trying to learn how to make a girl wet and others to avoid. By understanding these concepts, you will be able to learn how to make a girl wet without having to wait forever. It is a guarantee that once you make her make wet, she will be more agreeable to right about any sexual suggestion. Heck, she will even come up with her own suggestions. Getting her wet is the key to the gateway.

How to get a girl wet

For many, it is common sense to get a girl wet especially if you are looking to go the extra mile and end up in bed together. But how exactly do you get her wet? The following process will help you work your way through getting her wet. There are two major aspects to consider before getting to the major woohoo.

Woo her

Wooing her is shows her that you have an interest in her. It is not easy to pick up any girl and get her wet. Forget the one night stand that you had to pay to get anything you wanted to be done. She is probably after the money and not exactly the pleasure. Woo her, make her a close friend so she can trust you, and relax when she is around you.

Make her feel special

make her feel special

Making her feel special is not about making a commitment. Noooo. Making her feel special in this case is all about letting her know that you have a thing for her. Any girl who thinks you are taking her for granted will not even think of having a conversation with you. In this, making her feel special plays a great role in ensuring you make conversation and manage to isolate yourselves.
It is important to note that girls are different and that you need to identify what will make her respond as you wish. However, you will definitely understand that different things will make a woman wet. Also, keep in mind that how you do it counts a great deal.

Start by flirting

flirt with the girl

Flirting helps you to prepare her mind. Flirt with a girl and even if she is not exactly into you, she will definitely entertain the attention. Girls love it when attention is in their direction as it reminds them how pretty they are and that someone is appreciating it. This is of course if you know how to do it right. With the right attention, she will be all years to you and will definitely not get enough of you. All you have to do is make her feel like there is nothing else in the room except her beauty that makes it glow.

Passionately kiss her

passionate kiss

Lean forward and watching her reaction, go in for a kiss. You hack this and receive a positive response; you need to work your magic. Start off slow to gain her assurance and make every moment count. Break it off from time to time and breathe into each other’s face. The aspect of suspense tends to tease her mind and keep her guessing. As things heat up, also increase the pace.
This has a great effect, as it will keep her focus. Kissing is a great deal and girls from every lifestyle love it. You just need to master the art of kissing. Use it to your advantage. More importantly, going rough in this area especially at the beginning will score you zero points. Even for girls who love a rough venture will prefer taking it slow initially.

Be creative with touch and caress her

At this point, kissing has gotten the better of the situation. It is time to let your fingers do the walking. Explore the main body parts that a girl would be aroused by. However, it is important that you start with less discrete areas such as her hair and ears. As you do this, watch her response. It is evident that you are already excited about the whole situation but it is important that she also gets on board to the same level or you will ruin your chances of getting down with her just you think you have it figured out. Remember that being a great kisser is the key to getting her to bed! Take a look at these 7 proven ways to become a great kisser before you jump into it.

The reason is that women tend to slowly and gradually get to “that point” you are so keen to arrive at. This is unlike men who will simply get to that point just by the thought of the ordeal. In this, you should work with her pace if you are looking to make the best out of the outcome.

With a positive response, you are ready to explore more sensitive and private areas. For example, the breasts are a known sensitive area that will stimulate and arouse her. By so doing, you will be stimulating her hormones leading to making her wet. With a little observance and exploration, you can also identify more areas that will make her go crazy. As indicated, women are different and whereas they may share a few hot spots, they are also unique. Lasting “long enough” in bed is a problematic topic for many guys. You should take the time to learn a few ways to last longer in bed before the fun begins!

Take your time

Patience is important. Your objective is to make it flow so she cannot resist what her body is demanding for. Do not rush into anything before she gets to that point. Doing so will slim your chances of getting her to bed. An even if you do get her into bed, your chances of both enjoying the golden opportunity will be very little. Patience is important.

Getting to that point

get her in bed

Caressing her sensitive points over some time will gradually work towards meeting your objective. Watch her erogenous zones. Your instincts and her reaction will indicate when she gets there. At this point, she will be so wet that after accessing her floodgates, going in will be a pleasure for both of you. Making her wet is one thing, but also make sure that she is satisfied at all times during this stage.

What to avoid when trying to get her wet

There are several theories individuals give to make girls wet. Whereas they give different impacts, there may not exactly be the way to go. The following are not what to do even if they will get her wet one way or another.

Do not use a high-pressure sprayer

This sprayer will definitely get her wet the results are not long lasting. When looking to get a girl wet, you need to stimulate the natural process and not manually, if you know what it means. A pressure sprayer will provide artificial moisture. In addition, using this option may come with consequences. You will probably not want to deal with all the mess. Even if you get to that point, you can be sure that you will not be going through the experience again. You may through the night but a repeat will never happen. This is definitely not the way to go especially if you plan on seeing her again.

Using alcohol products

Well, alcohol is known to spike reactions to the human body. However, these reactions are short-lived making it difficult for you to keep her interested. In this, she is less likely to be receptive to your advances.


give her chocolate

Chocolate will get her wet but on the other hand, the entire concept will be messy and getting it off later, will be a complication you do not want to get into. It is best you avoid it. Tasty, but messy and disturbing.


Yes, we are talking about getting wet but on the other hand, water is not the solution. Whether you are at the pool or out in the ocean and you are having fun, this is not enough. You need to stimulate her hormones, which will, in turn, give you the desired effect. Water will not even have her in your line of thought.

Relying on holidays

You can rely on several holidays to make a girl wet but this comes at a cost which will push you back. For example, Halloween is a great time to make it happen. This is because women react uniquely to fear. When they are scared, you will be glad to know that they also get wet. You heard it right. The catch lies in the problem whereas she gets wet, she also gets tighter (the pucker effect). In this, it gets difficult for you to gain access and get through.
 On the other hand, Thanksgiving is also not a good time to consider getting warm. This is because this holiday is all about family and not exactly sexual advances. In this, she is definitely around her family members. In this, when working with opportunity, this is definitely not the right time to introduce getting down. Christmas and New Year are also not a holiday to bring out your intentions. After all, it is also about family.


This one is tricky. This only works if you are intending on staying with her in the long-term. If not, it is best that you stay away from making advances during this day and avoid making a commitment. If you are in a commitment, then you have the privilege of making her feel special and go all the way.

How to turn a girl on – Simple steps

Tips to make every moment count

  • Do not flash cash as not every girl will fall for this
  • Exercise patience and think of her. After all, it is not you who needs to get wet
  • Start slow and pick things up depending on her response
  • Kissing is a great way to get started

Bottom line

How to get a girl wet or how to make a girl wet does not have to be complicated. It only requires a little patience and the right approach. Once you understand what to do and how to do it, you will be able to get your girl wet with ease. In addition, this outlines what to avoid as you try to get her wet especially if you are looking to get her into bed and enjoy the moment. The quick tips also provide a fast guide to helping you to get to that point. Take your chances, you will not go wrong.

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