When it comes to sex, pleasure is the most important thing for both participants and there is always a way to make it better for both of you. It’s a fun journey to find out what will increase your partner’s sexual experience with you.

Male stimulation is relatively simple, but you may not know what you are missing out on. With this advice, you will be able to better satisfy your partner and add more passion and fun in your bedroom – and of course, increase your and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

However, keep in mind that we are all different, so it’s worth talking to your partner before you start making changes to your relationship and finding out what he likes, and more importantly what he dislikes.

When it comes to sex, pleasure is paramount for both partners. There are ways in which you can improve the quality of sex. It is worth getting to know your partner’s needs that we were not aware of in order to be able to meet them.

The three main types of stimulation

Visual stimulation

It’s no secret that the excitement in men increases under the influence of visual stimuli. Men love to look at women to excite their senses and they always have and most likely always will.

It´s a misconception that this only applies to men. Women also like a nice view of masculine features, but the visual aspect of excitement is stronger in men.

Wearing sexy lingerie or getting into enticing and seductive positions will help your man achieve additional levels of excitement.

Touching and having sex close to a mirror can heighten your sexual experience and allow your partner to feast on his visualizations.

Whatever you decide to do to increase your partner’s visual stimulation, you should make sure that you will feel comfortable and confident enough to do it. Otherwise, it may backfire and seem awkward for both of you.

Yet as long as there is no harm done in the long term and you both agree, focusing on visual stimulation could open up new dimensions in your sex lives.

Physical stimulation

visual stimulation

Every man has areas of the body that can be stimulated to awaken and increase sexual energy. For some men, it could be a simple thing like touching their arms, stomach, or leg.

For other men, it could be their neck, ears, or even running fingers through their hair.

As not every man is exactly the same, you may need more time to test various things to learn more about his ´special´ areas. Once you find them, you will be able to use them in combinations to increase your levels of excitement during sexual intercourse.

The discovery of your partner’s sensual areas should be taken lightly and with a dose of fun. Remember that the most important thing, in this case, is the interaction with your partner.

Physical stimulation is obviously the most intense type of stimulation for most men. Touching is by far the most intimate thing that we humans know.

Your man will most likely really enjoy the physical aspect of stimulation, as the visual can only do so much. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he will rush right into it.

To satisfy your man in bed beyond his wildest expectations, you should be able to use physical stimulation in the right places and with the right intensity.

The most important thing to mention here is not to give up if things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Think of this as a process and enjoy the journey of sexual exploration together.

Verbal stimulation

verbal stimulation

Open communication always leads to better sex, but words spoken during sexual intercourse also play a big role in your man´s arousal and his sexual journey with you.

Words can be very powerful and the right words spoken at the right time can be a game changer.

For example, hearing a simple phrase such as “I love you” during sexual intercourse can carry a much deeper meaning for you, as well as your partner.

Words spoken during a sexual connection and mutual vulnerability can really add another, deeper dimension to the whole event. Equally, the wrong words uttered during sex, can often cheapen the experience or even ruin it completely.

Along with the meaning of the words, the importance also lies in the tone of your voice. Obviously, during sexual intercourse, the tone and character of your voice will be crucial. Whether it is a moan or

Remember that verbal stimulation also comes in the form of whispers, moans, grunts, etc… Observe your partner and follow your heart. You might find that whatever sounds you feel like emitting during sex, are the exact sounds that he craves to hear.

Top tips on how to sexually satisfy your man

satisfy your man top tips

So now that we described the main characteristics of erotic stimulation let us delve into the top tips on how to satisfy your man during sex. Everyone should know how to give their partner pleasure in bed. Understanding what they like and want is crucial.

These top tips will teach you new ways to please your man sexually while keeping things spicy.

You can do this by learning about his sexual needs, desires, fantasies, and preferences and a few tips on keeping things fresh and exciting. An effective force in the bedroom is a lady who knows how to please her partner.

Read on if you want advice on how to make your partner satisfied tonight or whenever you decide you want to make his dreams come true.

Begin gently with your lips and your tongue

The amount of pleasure that can be given with just the lips and the tongue is immeasurable. Entire books have been written on this subject alone. Yet the secret to successful French love is timing it – take care of every second! Take the initiative by kissing and licking your man in areas that on his

Feel free to do literally anything with your lips and tongue as long as he is comfortable with it. Throughout this whole sensual experience, try to remain tuned to his reactions and observe additional micro-expressions that will confirm his level of sexual pleasure.

Don’t be shy to give him compliments

give him compliments

Words can be very sexy and powerful, and using the right words can catalyze an unforgettable sexual experience. Good communication always leads to successful sex, and if your partner makes noises, you have confidence that you are doing the right thing.

Moans, grunts, or words – let him see that these sounds make you happy and encourage you to continue. You will also discover benefits for yourself. The sounds of your partner’s satisfaction will put you in a good mood.

Normal compliments about his body or how it makes you feel are also good. Most men also like to hear compliments about their bodies. It’s not just women. Compliments make a man feel more comfortable and at ease, and so enhancing his sexual experience. The important thing is not to sound sarcastic as that could have a detrimental effect.

Experiment with different positions

Most men enjoy variety so if you are a person that sticks to one thing because it works, maybe it’s time to try other things to spice up the relationship. Trying different positions during sex can feel very adventurous and it can also bring you two closer.

Going from one position to another can also slow down your lovemaking and elongate the whole experience. Imagine if you have sex with your man in only one position. That is all he will remember from this encounter.

Now imagine a scenario where you change positions and do at least 3 or 5 before it’s over. It will make him feel like he went on a cruise to somewhere really exotic. His memory will be filled with racy images of your body in those various positions. You will definitely give him more material to remember and recall when he misses you.

Mirror on the wall or ceiling

mirror in the bedroom

Both of you can derive additional benefits from watching the amorous frolics unfold. Some positions allow for a “show” that will definitely have a significant effect on arousal and pleasure.

Setting the mirror so that you can see your sex in it will give it an additional flavor, it will also allow you to observe your partner’s face and intimate places. However, if you do not feel comfortable with it, give up on this idea, it may not be for everyone.

If you discover his tender and sensual areas, you will be surprised how quickly he will want to be in bed with you again! He will be begging you and remain at your mercy for the best sex of his life.

Do it with the lights on

Men are visual creatures. They’re always looking for something to look at—whether it’s a woman’s face, her legs, her boobs, her butt, or even her mouth. They’re especially interested in seeing what she looks like without clothes on.

Engaging in intimacy with your partner while the lights are on or dimmed allows them to focus on the present situation. If they can see everything clearly, they won’t be tempted by the distraction of their imagination.

If you want to get him excited about sex, do it when the lights are on. He’ll have more time to appreciate all the details that make up his lover.

As mentioned, men are visual creatures and appreciate the experience of the women’s body in its full glory. Being able to see a sensual lover while having intimate moments will enhance their arousal.

Get playful anywhere but in bed

having sex outdoors

Sex is great, but sometimes it can become repetitive if only had in the bedroom. Try surprising your partner by initiating sex in other areas of the house.

You can start off by kissing each other passionately in front of the fireplace, then move into the kitchen, where you can kiss and feel each other again before moving on to the living room.

The possibilities are endless. The key is to keep things fresh and exciting. Depending on how well you know your partner.

They may be open to the idea of engaging in sexual play outside of the house. Talk with your lover and communicate about trying; these are typically taboo places.

For some, having an intimate moment in public places such as public toilets is a huge turn-on. Of course, these acts should stay respectful of other people, but you can get away with doing this. But, again, you should only ever engage in sexual behaviors with your partner in places you have both agreed on and feel comfortable doing.

Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay

Foreplay is one of those things that most guys don’t think about much. But it turns out there are some pretty big benefits to giving your partner a little “pre-game.”

When you’re having fun together, you’re more likely to connect emotionally. And that connection will make your relationship stronger. Plus, studies show that people who enjoy each other tend to spend less time apart, which makes for happier relationships overall.

Couples who engage in foreplay tend to be more sexually satisfied than those who don’t. So give yourself permission to take control of your sex life — and his.

Let him dominate you

let him dominate

A lot of men are wired to want to control women sexually. And it doesn’t matter how much we protest against this fact; men still crave dominance over us. They want to take charge in bed, even though they know we may sometimes automatically go into pleasure mode and want to provide an experience for our man.

For a dominant male, having a lover be passive towards them is a turn-on. Although, as women, we can feel the need to pleasure our man and allow him to please us too. Allowing a dominant man to do what comes naturally to him creates a more harmonious experience during intimate times.

With this being said, don’t forget to return the favor to your partner when you notice he is backing off and ready for his own pleasure.

Never stop flirting

Flirtation is one of the most effective strategies to maintain the excitement in a relationship, especially if you want the relationship to stay playful. Should you continue to show romantic interest in one another after the “honeymoon” stage of your relationship, you may have a greater chance of having a long-lasting relationship.

Playfulness and a lighthearted attitude are essential components of the art of flirting, as is demonstrating interest in another person without placing unreasonable demands on them. You don’t need to go overboard; all you need to do is give him “the look,” slap his butt, and wink at him for effect to take place.

Give him a full-body massage

full body massage

According to the study, men feel better about themselves after having a massage. They experience greater self-assurance and less worry. In addition, allowing your lover to enjoy a slow, sensual massage will often relax their bodies and lead them to arousal.

A massage session will help improve his mood and increase his sexual desire. It also improves blood flow throughout his body (if you know what I mean). It is an excellent method to get ready for sex. If you want to get him excited, try giving him a sensual back rub before going down on him.

An erotic massage with beautifully smelling oils and candles by the bed is a great way to let your partner know you’re in the mood after you’ve both had a long day at work.

Try out various sex toys

Sex toys are great additions to a relationship and can add some excitement to your sex life. Though some men love the idea of sex toys being implemented into the bedroom, others may find it intimidating or even insulting.

If your partner shows interest, why not go sex toy shopping together? Men love the idea of being involved in enhancing their partner’s orgasms. In addition, shopping for toys together can be like a form of foreplay and is sure to cause some steamy sexual tension between you two.

Don’t forget to take a gander down the men’s toys aisle. There are plenty of fun things for men to play with to enhance their experience in bed with you.

While exploring your options, ask your partner how they would enjoy using different toys with you and vice versa. I can guarantee you two will be rushing home to rip each other clothes, and your man will be left satisfied and wanting to crack them out every chance he gets.

Find all his erogenous zones

find his zones

Every man has areas of the body that can be aroused. When we talk about a man’s erogenous zones, the penis is the most obvious one, but there could be many others unique to your partner.

Try to explore the areas you haven’t caressed before and you may find new ways to stimulate his mind and body. These regions may reveal themselves over time, but the most important thing is to involve your partner in discovering them as well.

As mentioned earlier you could look for those special areas with your lips and tongue. If you don’t have a lot of time and you want an easy answer, maybe just ask him. He might be ready to tell you about a few special areas on his body that he particularly enjoys.

Go on a sex-cation

Men are curious creatures. They love experimenting with new things, especially when it involves sex. So while having sex in all different rooms in the house is super hot, why not plan a Sexcation every now and again?

Sex-cations are vacations or staycations that usually take place over the weekend to reconnect with your partner. Men love to be surprised sexually. Though things can feel great in the bedroom, bringing your partner away to focus on intimacy can feel like the first time again.

You could choose to have sex in a hotel room, a secluded cabin, a beachside cabana, or even a tent! The possibilities are endless.

‘Quickies’ are very underrated

have a quickie

‘Quickies’ (spontaneous and quick sex) are great ways to add some excitement to your lovemaking sessions. They don’t require much planning, preparation, or foreplay. You can do it anywhere in the house, and at any time it’s convenient.

If you want to try this outside or in other places indoors, try to keep it within legal limits and with some degree of public decency. Yet this could be a great way to become more adventurous in your relationship and make it more memorable.

But don’t forget to use lube. Lube makes everything easier, especially if you haven’t had time to warm up before a ‘quicky.’ So whether you use a water-based or silicone-based lubricant, apply it generously.

Like I’ve said before, men love spontaneity, and it’s rare your man will say no to a risky, exciting ‘quicky’ to keep him satisfied and on his toes.

Sexting and Face-Time sex

Sexting is a fun way to keep your man excited to come home and play with you. Sexting allows you to send sexy messages and photos to your partner without actually meeting face-to-face. This means you can continue to build anticipation and excitement until you finally see each other.

face time sex

It’s easy to start sending naughty texts and pictures to your partner. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can even set up a video chat so you can see each other while sexting.

It is obvious that sex is a crucial part of an intimate relationship. Facetime sex and sexting are great methods to keep the spark alive and keep your lover happy if you ever find yourself apart from each other for a few nights or longer.

Never hesitate to start slow and work your way up to getting frisky. By teasing your lover with pictures and videos, you can create an almost unbearable sexual tension before calling on facetime.

Things can be made fun by showing up on screen in lingerie and offering a strip tease. Make sure to allow your partner to see all the sexy angles by propping your phone up rather than holding it. Your man will love this and will be over the moon with you being able to satisfy his sexual desires and fantasies, even when he’s not there with you in person.


When it comes to sex and intimacy, satisfaction for both partners is key. After all, you are both into each other, so being able to get each other to full arousal and orgasm is a major turn-on for both people involved.

Having a good understanding of what turns your partner on and keeping that spark alive and exciting is key. We hope this blog has helped you gain that understanding.