How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

Not every woman can be the perfect girlfriend for every man. However, when you find that one guy you really want to be around and make the extra step with, you will be looking at how to be the perfect girlfriend.

You will be glad to know that you do not have to try to do the impossible. Some simple ideas and tips will drive you to be that perfect girlfriend for your boyfriend.

8 ways to be that perfect girlfriend

The following will help you better your relationship and he is bound to feel your presence in a positive manner against other people around him.

Be a “friend” first

be a friend at first

Many individuals focus on trying too hard to be a girlfriend. It is best that you are a friend first and even better, his best friend. This gives you an open relationship and he will be more than willing to come to you right about anything.

Avoid complicating the fact that you are dating and be the girl who he wants to play around with. Many times, girls will be great friends but when they start dating, a lot of changes.

If you are looking to be a perfect girlfriend, remember that he choose you with the traits he saw before and that it would be great to have the girl he met.

Be present

be present

With the advancement of technology, many tend to end up on a double date with your boyfriend and your electronic gadgets. If you are aiming at being the perfect girlfriend, give him the attention he deserves.

Your phone or tablet can wait. After all, you can do all that later especially when he is not around. By being present, you will create a better and deeper connection. Make the relationship between the two of you and he will make your effort worthwhile.

By being present you’ll also have the opportunity to make a wish list of what he might want for his birthday. If you need some tips, go check out our birthday gift guide for some amazing gifts for him.

Appreciate his passion

appriciate his passions

It is better to be on the same side than work from opposite sides. It is important that you love at least one thing that your boyfriend loves. Ensure that, that one thing is something passionate to him.

This will give a common interest you can both enjoy. The key objective is to have a common interest; this does not have to be a sport or some television show. You might even turn him on if you share hobbies and use some of these neat tricks to make him think about the bedroom. Get something that is all rounded so you will always have something to talk about without boring your partner.

Avoid nagging about things you can simply let go

avoid nagging

Before you can get all over his case, it is best that weigh if whatever it is you want to be all about is worth it. A naggy girlfriend is one of the biggest turn-offs for every man. This is also one of the many reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

However, if the issue at hand is serious, you can simply ask about it and you do not give your assumptions on mere guesswork. Some aspects are too petty and rather than make them bigger and get into a fight, you can let go. Appreciate the better rather than concentrate on the dislikes.

Compliment him

Your man likes to feel appreciated and when he goes out of his way to do something and check on his appearance or work towards meeting an objective, simply compliment him. It is one thing to think of your boyfriend as handsome but it is best that you also see their effort. This requires that you avoid complimenting their physical qualities.

Appreciate your boyfriend’s friends

appriciate his friends

It is one thing to allow your boyfriend night outs with his friends and it is another when you can impress his friends. If you keep trying to get him away from his friends or leave every time they come over, you are likely not going to survive the relationship in the long-term. It is important that your boyfriend gets comfortable whenever his friends and you are around.

Appreciate whether you are indoors or in public

You should be willing to show your affection whether you are in private or in public. However, do not go overboard and get all over each other. Make it mild to avoid making him uncomfortable. Hug him warmly when you see him.

Sometimes, just listen

There are times when your boyfriend is feeling low or is angry about something. Since you know your boyfriend, rather than worsen the situation, it is best that you give him your ear and let him pour his heart out just so he can feel better. In the event that he makes a wrong decision, avoid rubbing it on him.

Your boyfriend is great and all you want is to make him happy by being the perfect girlfriend for him. The above pointers will give you a head start and give you time to think about other sweet things to do with him. This may actually lead you to have a better relationship that may take you into the next step with things getting more serious.

Have fun and make the best of every moment!

7 Easy tips on how to be a great girlfriend

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