How To Text a Girl That You Like

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Deciding what to text the girl that you like can sometimes be diffcult. You have spotted the girl that you like and have managed to get her phone number. You are probably starring at the skies wondering what to text. The objective is to make her like you as much as you like her.

One of the key aspects that you need to take into account is the timing. If you are looking to impress her, timing is probably one of the most important aspects that will help you reach your objective. All you need to do is to learn the right way to text her and she will fancy you in a matter of a few days.

11 Tips On How To Text The Girl That You Like

On several occasions, you may find yourself sending some awkward texts. But fear not. If you are looking to impress her and most likely get a date, the following guide will help you on your way.

Identify the right time to text

When looking to learn how to text a girl you like, it is best to identify when to text her to ensure that you do not get in her way and you also need to check when she can text back to ensure that you can keep the conversation going. In addition, do not text her all the time, you will be crowding her space and more likely prevent her from carrying out some of her daily tasks. Try and pick the right time from her daily schedule.

It is even better if she will allow you to text in the night. This gives you the added advantage you need to grab her attention, as she is probably doing nothing too serious. However, as much as she will allow you to text her in the night, it is best that you start texting in the evening and keep the conversation going into the night. This will leave you with a positive rapport and the girl will think positively about you.

Say hi, and accompany it with a statement

By simply saying hi, you will be killing the conversation as soon as you started it. This is because it seems boring as well as difficult to respond to it. It is therefore important that after saying hi, you accompany it with another statement. This will help to keep the conversation going.

Simply ask a question such as ask after how she is doing. In addition, ensure that the question does not require a yes or no answer as it will keep the conversation short if not kill it. Try not to make it sound like you are flirting as many girls will not like this right at the start of a text conversation.

Keep your charm and texts short

Long text messages tend to be boring and many times she may not take the time to read through every long text. In addition, you will run out of things to talk about. In addition, long texts are bound to have errors as opposed to short texts. Start with short texts to first grab her attention and get her to start conversing.

Under all circumstances, it is best that you also keep the texts simple. This is also an interesting way of keeping the conversation going. In addition, she is bound to concentrate on you and give you her full attention. Keeping text messages short will also allow her to keep her from killing the conversation. This is because she may want to want some program but with long texts, she may decide to concentrate on her favorite program but it is best that you keep her interest and you.

Develop the art of mystery

When a guy does not reveal everything, it turns out that the girl will create an interest while trying to fill in the gaps. However, ensure that your mystery is a good thing and not a spooky thing. When it becomes spooky, she is likely to run from you because you seem suspicious.

In an effort to understand what this is all about, here is an example. If she makes the effort to ask how you are doing, do not go down to telling how everything went. Instead, it is advisable that you answer in a short but restrictive manner such as, am on the edge. This will draw attention and she will seek to find out more from you thus keeping the conversation going.

Tease her

Teasing her in a text is great but avoid making it too obvious. Do this to a given limit and she will not find you freaky. By teasing her a little, you are seeking to create a bond between just the two of you.

Ensure that the teases are realistic and relevant to the current discussion. In addition, you need to avoid going overboard when teasing her as she will start to avoid texting you back with the fear that you cannot limit how far you go.

Check on your spelling and grammar

This is a very important aspect that must be addressed but many take it for granted. While you are flirting, you also have to give her the impression that you are smart and intelligent as well. Avoid the use of big words.

Simple words will go a long way into flirting and it will have a quick understanding between the two of you. Imagine having to make her look up words on Google just to reply to your texts. She will easily get tired and seek to end the conversation.

Concentrate on her interests

If you are looking to keep the conversation going, ensure that the conversation is about what she likes and her preferences. It is however important that you remain open-minded as you may differ on some topics. Pick an open topic to talk about such as her favorite music, a movie or program. There is nothing to hide around such topics so she will be willing to carry on the conversation without feeling as if you are prying into her personal life.

While you may also have your interests, it is best that you concentrate on her interest at the start of the conversation to get her into a long conversation. As the conversation progresses, you will notice that she will also want to know what you like but this is only when the conversation is more open and interesting for both of you.

Make the texts more personal

Personalizing text messages is a better way of reaching out to her. You can personalize the texts by using her name, using a nickname that only the two of you use, or by prefixing with terms such as “we.” This key objective here is to create a better environment that is supportive of the two of you.

Compliment her from time to time

Complimenting a woman is a definite way of getting to her even through a text. The best part about complimenting a girl is that there are so many things to look at including how great her hair looked, how her nails draw attention, to the way her outfit compliments her fine body. Complimenting a girl is one of the proven ways on how to flirt with a girl over text

You can never possibly run out of something to tell her. However, it is important to ensure that what you are texting is genuine. Detecting what is not real is easy and this will only get her to dislike you.

Avoid constant flirting

Constantly flirting with a girl makes you appear more of a flirt and a womanizer as opposed to a charming young man. Even after she knows that you like her, try to ensure that the conversation holds much more care and less of flirting. This is why it is important to ask after her day and talk about her interests. This will bring her closer to you and give her the understanding that you want to know everything about her. However, when an opportunity arises, tease her or pull her leg but be sure to identify when the opportunity is right.

Get out of the comfort zone and be suggestive

This is the entire aspect of flirting all together. Get to your naughty side and make the best of it. Get started mild and as she warms up to the type of texting, you can get out of the mild suggestive gestures. The mild texts could ask what she is wearing or referring to a more feminist side.

For the shy guys, you could try turning the tables by poking her and allowing her to gain control over the conversation. For example, if you are flirting with a girl over text in the night, you can mention that you are just getting changed but still cannot find your shorts. Depending on her response, you will know if you need to change the topic or keep going.

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Final Thoughts

Just respect the rules of texting. Don’t text late at night or early in the morning (unless you are very close). Don’t keep texting if she isn’t responding. If she ever asks you to stop texting her…respect that because you could be breaking some laws otherwise. Don’t bombard her with texts at work (or really anywhere). Don’t always be the first one to make contact. Just respect her and you will do fine. Flirting is a lost art that text is bringing back!